UPDATE: Three-Year-Old Stabbed By Stranger In Viral Video Discharged From Hospital

TRIGGER WARNING: Child injury.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a three-year-old was attacked by a random woman in Tbilisi, Georgia while walking with his parents. The child was rushed to the hospital where surgery was required to treat the injuries to his nose and cheek. Despite getting away initially, the woman responsible for the crime was later arrested and charged with intentional infliction of grave injury to the health of a minor.

It's now being reported by English crime writer David Videcette that the injured child has now been discharged from the hospital! Videcette also revealed that the child needed stitches to close up the deep wounds to both his nose and his right cheek. He shared this update alongside a rather upsetting image of the now recovering child in a hospital bed. Still, just know that he survived this attack and is now at home with his family is fantastic news.

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The woman who committed this crime has since been identified as 51-year-old Tamar Sadzaglishvili. She's now been charged with intentional infliction of serious bodily injuries to a minor and attempting to cause serious injury to another minor. The Tbilisi City Court ordered her to pre-trial detention, with Judge Ekaterinne Kululashvili reasoning that it's because Sadzaglishvili is a threat to society. That means that she's currently still in custody while awaiting trial.

We here at Babygaga send good wishes to the child and his parents. We'll be keeping you updated on the story as it unfolds.

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