10 Uplifting Baby Names That Will Make Everyone Smile

It can be overwhelming to pick out a baby name. Experts say that a person’s name can determine their entire future, from the type of job they will have to what type of mate they will attract. It’s so important to pick a moniker that will set your son or daughter up for success.

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The names on this list are cheerful and any of them would be a great option to give your little one an optimistic start to life. From monikers that have happy meanings to names that are just pleasing to the ear, please enjoy this list of 10 uplifting names that will make everyone smile.

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10 Joy


Looking to give your daughter an upbeat name? You really can’t get much happier than the name Joy. It sounds so sweet. A little girl named Joy will have an optimistic start to life, that's for sure.

Joy is an English moniker that means, well, "joy." This one was popular in the 1940s and saw a resurgence in the 1980s. It has remained steady on the charts but isn’t one that is so common that every other kid in the class will have it. Claim this one if you like timeless names.

9 Zane

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Parents who are hoping to find a quirky and cheerful name for their son might be attracted to Zane. It’s just distinctive enough to make him stand out from the crowd without being too weird. A famous person with this moniker is the musician Zayn Malik, which offers a fun and alternative spelling.

Zane is a diminutive of the name John and means "God is gracious." So, not only does it sound upbeat, but it also has a deep meaning. It also gets points for being a one-syllable name, which is trendy at the moment. This name ticks all of the boxes.

8 Melody

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Melody is one of those names that just seems to roll off the tongue. This one would be a favorite with parents who are music lovers. It was a popular pick in the 1960s and is just too adorable to be left behind. It has a certain lilt to it that will make everyone who meets your daughter smile.

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Melody is a Greek name that means "song." A little girl given this name will always have a song in her heart. Bright, chirpy, and pleasant, Melody is just waiting to be snatched up. This one is sure to please both mom and dad.

7 Felix

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If you’re hoping to give your little guy a playful name, then you should really consider calling him Felix. This one has a light-hearted feel to it that would be just right for an easygoing boy. Everyone will love your kid and he’ll inspire all who meet him to grin.

Felix is a Latin name that means happy and fortunate. How perfect is that? Not only does it feel fun but it has an inspiring meaning as well. That makes it a winner in our book. Be sure to add Felix to your list of options and he’ll be so grateful that you did.

6 Hope

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Hope is one of those names that oozes confidence. Parents will give their daughter a positive start with this one. It just feels lucky and we love that it’s another virtue moniker. It’s a classic option that has managed to remain beautiful over the years.

Hope is an English name that has some serious staying power. The world needs as much love as we can give it these days and a little girl named Hope will certainly be a bright light. If you’re having a hard time settling on a moniker, this one might be just what you’ve been holding out for.

5 Milo

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Milo is an irresistible name that would be perfect for parents who want to give their little boy an upbeat moniker. It has a timeless sensibility to it that gives it vintage credibility. We think it’s one of those “old man cool” names that will grow right along with your son.

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Milo is a German name that means "soldier" or "merciful." Milo gained steam on the charts in the 1980s and has been steadily rising. It has seen a surge in popularity thanks to the actor Milo Ventimiglia who stars on the TV drama This Is Us.

4 Felicity

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We think that the girl name Felicity is too cheerful to overlook. Parents who want to give their daughter the ultimate upbeat name would be wise to consider this one.

It’s a Latin name that means "good fortune" or "happy." See what we mean? It’s the perfect moniker for a cheery little girl. Soft, friendly, and fresh, Felicity is a name that should not be overlooked. It was made even more popular thanks to the TV show of the same name. Be sure to circle this one.

3 Asher

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If you’re hoping to give your son a Biblical name that has a deep meaning, then be sure to consider Asher. Religious minded parents might remember that this was the name of one of Jacob’s sons. We love that it’s an Old Testament moniker that works well in our modern times.

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Asher is a Hebrew name that means "fortunate" or "happy one." This lucky meaning shows that a little boy named Asher will lead a blessed life. It gained popularity in the mid-nineties and saw a spike in 2018. This one is poised to take off so you might want to put dibs on it.

2 Poppy

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Poppy is a floral name that would be a spunky option for your daughter. We think that it sounds feminine and just unique enough for it to pack a serious punch. It hasn’t gained much traction on the charts but that just means it’s waiting for you to pluck it up.

This is a Latin name that means red flower. How cute would it be to name a redheaded baby Poppy? Descriptive, fragrant, and sassy, Poppy isn’t a name that you’ll hear called out on the playground often. It will set your daughter apart from the rest.

1 Isaac

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Isaac is another Biblical name that would be a great pick for parents hoping to give their son an upbeat name.

Isaac is a Hebrew name that means "laughter." Your little boy will outshine all the others if you give him this title. It has held steady on the charts but hasn’t seen much popularity as of late. That shouldn’t stop it you from bestowing Isaac upon your son, though.

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