US Birth Costs More Than Luxury Birth In UK

Back in the olden days, women would give birth in huts, fields, and their own beds. For free. That was commonplace. Today in the U.S., the average cost to give birth is a whopping $10,800. This is our modern-day commonplace. This approximate price (as of 2015) covers the "basic birthing package" with no bells or whistles. It certainly doesn't include what any American mother would describe as "lavish" or "luxurious."

When Kate Middleton gave birth to her and Prince William's third child, His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles last week on Monday, word of Kate's luxury birthing process spread far and wide. Another thing that was stirred up in the rumor mill was the fact that the price tag for the baby's safe entry into the world, as well as the mother's monitored recovery, was $8,900 - far cheaper than what a "basic" birth costs in the United States!


Sources say that the United States is the most expensive country in the world to give birth in. The $10,800 price tag is for same day "birthday" costs only and does not cover any of the pre or post-birth care.

If you are a woman who has given birth in the U.S. and paid more than $8,900 to do so, you might not want to read on. You might end up angry, or at the least get ready to move to the U.K.


Kate Middleton's royal birthing experience included a full private room with an "en suite" bathroom at St. Mary's Hospital's maternity "Lindo Wing" where her previous two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born. (Prince William was born there himself in 1982.) In the private room, a refrigerator was provided if Kate preferred pre-prepared meals, as well as a full menu packed with meals on demand. Nothing too good for the little prince, right?

If the price differences for a luxury birth experience in the U.K versus a regular birth experience in the U.S. upsets you, wait until you learn what it costs to deliver a baby in Spain. It's a bargain at $1,950! Australian hospitals charge around $5,000, while Switzerland comes in around $8,000.

American expectant mamas, it's time to pack your bags and save some bucks!

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