US Missionary Responsible For 100 Infant Fatalities After Faking Medical Credentials

In an ongoing investigation, a US missionary, Renee Bach, is under fire after more than 100 babies have supposedly died at her facility due to her care. The accused is said to have claimed she was a medical professional and has performed life-altering actions on children without being properly trained to do so. Parents say they brought their children to Ms. Bach under the impression she was a licensed medical professional but only after their children died did they uncover the truth.

Renee Bach, originally from Virginia, began a private organization in Uganda back in 2007 that she named Serving His Children (SHC). The SHC was designed to care for severely malnourished children and nurse them back to health. News.com.au reports that "Ms. Bach allegedly took children suffering from malnutrition from local hospitals and 'treated' them at her facility."

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Since over 100 children have died while under the care of the SHC, it has been uncovered that Renee Bach has no medical training whatsoever and isn't qualified to properly care for the children; a fact that was unknown to parents. Through Women's Pro Bono Initiative, two women, Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Rose, are taking legal action against Ms. Bach after their children died while in her care.

The SHC denies Ms. Bach ever claimed to be a medical professional or caused the death of a child. Specifically, they said, "at no time has our founder, Renee Bach, presented herself as a medical professional, experimented on or caused the death of any child," and that Bach was nothing more than an assistant to those qualified.

In 2015, the District Health Officer shut down the SHC and told Ms. Bach that she could no longer treat children. A group called No White Saviors has been posting on social media warning people about Ms. Bach who they allegedly say has harmed children who have survived both physically and mentally.

Whether or not No White Saviors is a reputable source of information is unknown but what remains strange is that Renee Bach has missed her court date in March of this year and no one seems to know where she is. Whether or not the accusations are true, Ms. Bach's disappearance has led most people to believe that she probably is indeed guilty.

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