A Vasectomy Is The Least My Husband Can Do For Our Family

Even before my husband and I had kids we knew that once we decided we were done with children he was going to get a vasectomy. I knew I didn't want to be forced to take birth control forever. That just sounded terrible. We have four beautiful and perfect children and my body is done. My last pregnancy tried to kill me and so we decided that my body had enough. I was talking to a couple about how my husband was planning on getting a vasectomy and the man's response was, "poor Derek." I was shocked, mad, disgusted and annoyed all at the same moment! Poor Derek? POOR DEREK?

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Do you even know what a vasectomy is? A vasectomy is like a 20-minute office procedure with like a week recovery! That is it. Poor Derek? I have been pregnant six times. We lost two babies early on. I have carried four babies to term. I have thrown up more times than I can even count. I have peed in so many cups for testing that I can't even come up with an estimate. I have been poked and prodded with countless needles. I have drunk that gross sugary glucose drink four times. I have dealt with severe acid reflex, sciatic pain, headaches, pregnancy-induced anxiety, gaining 7 billion pounds, swollen ankles, achy breasts, and extreme fatigue. I have dealt with having a child grow inside me for over 36 months! I pushed out a 10lb baby that gave me a 4th-degree tear (yes, you read that right). I had stitches in for 8 weeks! I then delivered a 9lb baby, a 9lb 7oz baby, and a 7lb 2 oz baby. I have had mastitis 8 times collectively. I have been nursing for about 45 months. My pregnancies have weakened my eyes and have even given me about 12 cavities. I am currently dealing with a root canal! Poor Derek? So, does this man actually want me to be on birth control for the rest of my life? If that was my husband's outlook we would be practicing abstinence!

Not poor Derek! He has never once complained about having a vasectomy and he always known that he was going to do it for the family. He has never and would never suggest that I do something about our family planning. He knew that I have done so much for our family already and now he wants to do his part. I am so grateful that my husband has never once asked if I could be on birth control forever or I do something permanent. I am grateful for that! My body has been through enough!

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