Vasectomy-Themed Cakes Are A Growing Trend In Bakeries

Vasectomy cakes are a real thing, and they're gaining popularity across the United States.

According to USA Today, the growing trend is partly thanks for a stagnant market for more traditional themed cakes. Events like communions and weddings aren't paying the bills like they used to, so smaller bakeries are banking on quirkier life-moments like a vasectomy. Most recently, Signature Desserts, a bakery in Nashville Tennessee, has gone viral for their take on the celebration.


The cake reads "100% Juice No Seeds" at the top and "Happy Vasectomy!" with two lemons in the middle. It was clever enough that other customers were asking for other crazy desserts. In fact, shortly after this cake made it to viral fame, one other sweet-enthusiast asked for a celebratory dessert for her hysterectomy.

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Back to the first topic, however, it's not just Signature Desserts making alternative cakes. In fact, Wicked Cakes, a New Riegel, Ohio, bakery gained notoriety for their Mr. Peanut-themed vasectomy cake. Others were more crude, including male genitalia, but the prospect has proved to be lucrative as partners show a little bit of support to their husbands for undergoing the knife.

A vasectomy is a relatively simple procedure, according to Planned Parenthood. They say its effectiveness is almost 100 percent, and patients can go home afterward. The surgery itself just requires the vas deferens — the tubes that carry semen — to be cut, thus preventing sperm from leaving the body. Still, while the ordeal is simple, it is very difficult to reverse, so even though a cake is appealing, it's important to be sure that this is the decision the patient wants to make.

With all that in mind, these cakes are pretty fun. For a lot of men, the idea of having surgery down there can be pretty nerve-wracking, so some support after undergoing a sensitive procedure has to be reassuring. Not only that, but for those that were a little afraid going in, the chance to make the surgery — which, again, is pretty simple despite it being in a sensitive region — a little more light-hearted. Plus, the chance to give our local bakers the opportunity to have a little more fun — and work — is a nice side effect too!


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