Vegan Baby Products Are Being Requested By Millennial Parents

Millennials are the fastest growing generation of vegans in the U.S. and now they're raising their kids to be just like mom and dad. Vegan parents who grew up with technology and food awareness are requesting that more vegan food should be available for their babies and toddlers.

In recent years, light has been shed on animal practices and the food corporations that don't always have the health of their customers in mind. Living a plant-based lifestyle and not consuming any animal products has become a way of life. Of course, we all know that vegans don't eat meat, but it extends even further. Vegans don't consume any animal based product like milk, eggs, butter, cheese, and so on and so forth.

Live Kindly, a vegan website, just posted a blog about this issue, which many us carnivorous parents probably aren't even aware of.  It's a simple fact that there aren't many vegan baby products around and parents who are choosing this diet deserve to have easier food options for their children just like the rest of us. This extends to pouches, jars of food, and snacks.


Critics of a veganism bring up concerns regarding all of the necessary nutrition a young child needs to grow up healthy. However, a vegan diet is completely healthy for a baby as long as they are receiving all the adequate nutrition they need from vegan food. This is done by ensuring that the baby is consuming enough protein, iron, and calcium. Parents also need to make sure that their child is consuming enough calories and that they are gaining weight.

Protein can come from beans, tofu, and veggies. Give your baby iron by feeding them iron-fortified cereal, broccoli, raisins, and figs. Vegan approved calcium can be found in green leafy veggies, soy products, and a possible supplement. What vegan parents are needing is a simpler way to provide their children with vegan diets. They need more easily accessible vegan food products!

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Choosing the correct diet for a baby is an important parenting decision. Deciding to raise a child with a vegan diet takes research and care. It can be done but needs to be done safely. Having regulated food and snacks for parents would make this so much easier, and safer, for the children being raised on this diet.

Hopefully, companies will see a need to create more vegan food and begin developing more options!

Do you feel that more vegan baby food is needed? Are you raising your child vegan? Or do you know someone who is? Let us know in the comments!


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