Victoria Beckham Is A Hat-Wearing Mom (And So Am I)

I never wore hats before my daughter was born. Truthfully, I didn't even like them. But one afternoon at work, a friend and I found a lull in our schedules, so we passed the time by browsing a local boutique's website. The shop is known for its monograms and embroidered goods. When my friend stumbled upon their baseball hats, she showed me. They were simple yet stylish— yet surprisingly, they won me over immediately.

I'd always thought I looked silly wearing them, but these hats were so cute that I was more than willing to give them a try. My husband and I went to the shop's physical location that evening to check out their inventory. After much debate, I chose the prettiest hat of all: a faded teal one featuring the outline of my home state. My heart was so happy; but in the back of my mind, I wondered how much I'd really wear it.

It's been more than two years since that day, and I'm a year into this thing called motherhood. I've ignored my pretty bracelets and earrings that dangle and sparkle, but this hat... I can say with full certainty that it's my best mom accessory. It's the star of the show, and the item I couldn't get by without some days.

I can dress it up (within reason), and I can dress it down (it is a hat after all). It partially shields my face from the sun on my morning walks, and it covers my eyes when I'm out in public with minimal makeup. It conceals the dry shampoo that turns my blonde hair white, hides flyaway hairs that refuse to stay down with hairspray, and makes my ponytails much cuter (especially if I find two minutes to curl my hair). It's also the same color as my eyes, so my face appears brighter and better on even the dullest days. Just wearing it adds a pep to my step. Yes, I did just say that. That's how much I love this hat.


I was watching Kelly and Ryan interview Victoria Beckham back in January. Kelly Ripa asked Beckham if she was ever not glamorous. Beckham, after mentioning she's a mom to four kids, said, "Absolutely... I mean, in the morning I'm always doing a school run in my work out clothing and, you know, baseball cap — same as all working moms, right?"

Right! She's so right. I smiled and agreed out loud. When Beckham added that as mothers, "we're trying to do one hundred things all at the same time," my little girl couldn't understand why I was smiling like a maniac at our TV.

Anyway, forget "messy bun and getting stuff done." Maybe See my hat? To-do list fat can be a thing. Maybe I could start Hat on my head, success widespread. These sayings aren't as catchy, but whatever! My child (who isn't school-aged yet) has a mom who gets lots of things done because her hat makes life easier. I can only imagine how it would simplify a Spice Girl's morning with her four kids. If a fashion icon like Beckham dons a hat in the rush of motherhood, then I have even less of a problem admitting that mine has become a wardrobe staple!

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