Victoria Beckham Shares Her Secrets To Teaching Her Kids To Be Polite And Respectful

Victoria Beckham is opening up about being a mother of four, and just how she taught her kids how to be respectful. Beckham, who just celebrated the official 10-year anniversary of her fashion line, "Victoria Beckham", is sharing her secrets on how to raise polite kids. The former Spice Girl shares four kids with soccer legend, David Beckham.

The two share three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, and youngest daughter, Harper. With a completely full house, Victoria Beckham made it clear that she wanted her kids to be raised properly and grow up to be polite and respectful. Although the star has had massive success as a singer and a fashion designer, her biggest accomplishment to date is being a parent.

The fashion mogul sat down this past weekend after her fashion show which took place at the 2018 London Fashion Week, and she couldn’t help but beam with joy when talking about her extremely supportive family. The whole gang was present during Beckham’s show, and they were the first she went to after walking the runway herself. The star gave each of her kids a hug and kiss after her fashion show concluded, and they could not have been happier for their mother.

When asked about her family, Beckham revealed that she and David don’t let them do anything they want. “We are strict with the kids”, she told E! News. “You have to be, but at the same time still allow them to have fun and express themselves”, she continued. The star made it clear that having a balance between strict and lenient helps them make choices for themselves, and shapes them into being self-sufficient as they grow older.

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When asked about seeing her family in the audience of her show, Posh Spice couldn’t contain her emotions. “I got so emotional. I really did”, she said. “You work so hard for a long time and you want to do the best you can do”, she finished off, and she and David certainly have!

When it comes to juggling parenthood, business, and much more, Victoria truly understands the work that goes into being a mom and how it isn’t always easy. “Just don’t feel bad”, she said when asked how she feels about being such a busy mother. “Just don’t feel guilty. We’re trying to do the best that we can”, Beckham continued. When it comes to making sure her kids are polite, she and hubby David remain firm on their family values and try to teach their children by example. If anyone is playing the role of super mom well, it’s definitely Victoria!


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