*Video* Do your kids Really know about Stranger Danger! - Shocking Social Experiment!

We all take the time to teach our kids about Stranger Danger. You see it all over the news, a story that seems so simple that it is scary. It goes like this: A person approaches a child, and the child goes along with them to never be seen again! 

They encourage you to talk to your kids about what to do in the case a stranger talks to them. Do they yell for help? Run to a trusted adult? What if the Stranger has candy, a puppy or toys? 

This young man decided to show parents just how little kids know about Stranger Danger. With a simple social experiment he gets permission from the parents to simply talk to the kids and see if the kid will respond. 

The Simplicity and the Rapidity of what happens left me in shock.. along with the parents in the video. 

How can you teach your kids about Stranger Danger? 

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