Video: My Favorite YouTube Family Talks About Taylor Swift

If you do not know the epoddle family on YouTube, here is your chance. Not only do they have a wicked channel with tips, tricks and awesome DIY but they also sit down with the kids and discuss a variety of subjects. Today's subject is: Taylor Swift. 

Now lets get to know the kids. First you have "Bean", he is 7 and he is awesome! He knows a lot more than you think! Next, you have O-Man, age 5, hilarious and likes to keep it simple. L-Ray also joins in on this episode. He is 2 and oh so cute! Brilliant little man. Last but definitely not least, you have hilarious and absolutely adorable: Berry! She is 3, the only girl on the panel and she usually has been in tears from laughter. 

Enjoy this episode! and subscribe to their channel! 

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