*Video* Parents reveal what they wish they had known before having a baby! (Serious Tear Jerker!)

It is no secret that becoming a parent is a life changing moment. It is a whole new life with unexpected twists and turns, good and bad, and maybe for some, the best part of their lives. 

These parents decided to get together and make, in my mind, the most tear jerking video ever, to tell parents, "Its gonna be ok!!!." When you're about to become a parent or if you've found out that you're expecting, not only will a child come, but also a lot of advice (good and bad, wanted and not wanted) from lots of people. So here, according to some parents, are the TOP 10 pieces of advice. 

It's time parents stick together, encourage each other and stop judging each other. What's most important, and will always be number 1, is the love that you will be able to give and the amazing amount of love you will receive. 

P.S. -Yes, you will need tissues for this video! 

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