10 Crazy Lies You Were Told As A Child


Chances are your parents didn’t always tell you the truth when you were a kid, like these 10 crazy lies you were told as a child. Sometimes they went seriously far from reality, with tall tales about your stomach, food, face and body. They’d come up with crazy stories so they wouldn’t have to talk about sex. Or they’d invent bizarre stories to try to get you to eat certain things (and not eat others). You might even still believe some of the lies your parents told you as a child. But we’re here to bust all those myths and send you on a hilarious, if not sometimes terrifying, trip down memory lane.

Were your parents obsessed with what went in your mouth? Lots of the funniest lies parents tell their kids revolve around eating. Like how they’d try to get you to eat certain kinds of vegetables by feeding you lies about their amazing benefits. Spoiler alert: carrots don’t make you see in the dark. Or your folks would try to stop you swallowing other things by telling you horrific lies about the consequences. Some sounded like the plot of a fantasy, such as trees growing in your stomach. But others seemed so scientifically sound, we often still believed them as adults, like chewing gum taking seven years to digest. And then there were the lies to try to stop you eating sweet treats, like their version of why the ice cream truck plays music.

Some of the most popular lies parents tell kids are to try to stop them from doing annoying things, like pulling faces. How many of us have heard the expression: if the wind changes, you’ll stay like that? Or the lie told to the chatterbox about their quota of words for the month. And the commonly believed lie about what happens if you pee in the swimming pool. Seriously people, it’s a myth. You will not be followed around by urine-detecting dye. And when parents felt their own authority wasn’t enough to get their kids to behave, they’d bring in the force, and say the police would come to lock you up.

From what happens when you sneeze with your eyes open to how babies are made, watch our video of the craziest lies your parents told you as a kid. Let us know how many of them you remember being told to you!