10 EPIC Geeky Themed Weddings That Will Blow Your Mind


Many couples choose to go the traditional route when it comes to planning their wedding, while other brides and grooms decide to go all-out for their big day. There are so many sources of inspiration out there for couples to plan their weddings around, but we can’t help but look in awe when a couple throws a epic geeky-themed wedding. From superhero to Disney characters, these 10 couples let their geek flags fly high as they entered into holy matrimony.

Who says Disney movies are only for kids? Many adults can remember the first time they watched their favorite Disney movie. It brings back nostalgic and whimsical feelings that they would love to recreate on their big day. When it comes to a Disney-themed wedding, the attention is all in the details. One couple’s Little Mermaid-inspired wedding included every small detail, including the fork Ariel used to come her long and wavy red hair!

Fantasy films are also great sources of inspiration for a Sci-Fi movie lover’s wedding day. Many couples have planned their entire weddings and receptions around movies such as The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Fans of the movies will get giddy as soon as they spot hidden artifacts from the films. In The Lord of the Rings wedding, the bride paid homage to the trilogy with a Hogwarts crest sewn into her garter belt, and the bride of the Star Wars-inspired wedding made sure each guest was equipped with their very own lifesaber during the reception.

Even something as simple as a fictional character can be brought to life on a wedding day, like one bride and groom that were inspired by the Sanrio’s character Hello Kitty. The bride’s wedding day shoes were decked out in a Hello Kitty crystal motif, and even the flower girls got into the theme with their Hello Kitty-inspired dresses. When it came to the reception, there were Hello Kitty cakes and cookies galore for the wedding guest to enjoy.

While many of these geeky weddings give us a good chuckle, some of them teeter on the edge of creepy. Like the Twilight-Inspired wedding in which the couple copied Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s movie wedding down to a T. But things got awkward when they announced to their family and friends that they had legally changed their last name to Cullen to keep the Twilight-theme of their special day going strong. Can you say awkward?

But wether you think these geeky weddings are epic or creepy, they will definitely google your mind. And you may even get some inspiration for your own wedding day, too. Watch our video to see our countdown of the 10 best epic-geeky themed weddings that will literally blow your mind.