10 Incredible Disney Inspired Weddings You Have To See


When it comes to a Disney themed wedding, there are so many options to make it totally magical. You could choose a particular Disney movie and match every wedding detail to that, or you could embrace lots of different Disney characters to create your very own cast in your bridal party. Extend the fun to the guests and ask them to dress up in Disney costumes to make a major statement. From glass carriages and lanterns to Princess bridesmaids and castle backdrops, we’ve found the most magical real life Disney weddings. Prepare to swoon.

Sometimes just one or two Disney details totally transform a wedding from modest to magical. Cinderella is a major point of inspiration here, with her glass carriage the most stunning way for brides to arrive at their special day. It’s all the little things that make it even more swoon-worthy, like a coachman in a long white wig and matching white socks. If Rapunzel is your Princess of choice, then you can embrace that Tangled style in your reception décor by stringing lanterns above your guests’ heads. Don’t believe us? Just wait ‘til you see the pictures.

To make your Disney wedding official, you can get hitched at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in front of an actual Disney palace. Backdrops really don’t get much more magical than that, do they? You can even get some Disney characters to photobomb your wedding pictures. And make sure you wear that most essential of props – Mickey Mouse ears. Minnie Mouse ears with bows make for cute matching headwear for the women in your bridal party.

If just one Princess isn’t enough, get a whole cast of them. It’ll get round that age-old problem of trying to find one dress style to suit all of your bridesmaids. Aurora, Belle, Snow White – take your pick (or let your friends take theirs). Speaking of Snow White, it’s the perfect Disney theme for a wedding where the groom is a dwarf. You’ll love the way this couple embraced the theme to full effect.

Watch our video of 10 magical Disney themed weddings that actually took place and get ready to feel totally jealous of these Princess perfect ceremonies. You’ll want to start planning yours stat.