10 Most EXPENSIVE Barbies In The World


She might just be a piece of plastic in a fancy outfit, but the 10 most expensive Barbies in the world prove that this iconic doll can be worth a fortune. From designer creations to anniversary editions and collectibles, there are certain Barbie dolls that sell for more than a car. You’ll be searching your collection as soon as you’ve watched our video to check if you own any of these expensive Barbie dolls.

The collaboration with a famous designer is one of the most expensive categories of Barbie dolls. Mattel has teamed up with various big names in fashion and jewelry over the years to design dolls that sell for thousands of dollars at auction. These Barbies get the red carpet treatment, being dressed by designers who are more used to outfitting legendary celebrities than tiny dolls. In 2010 both jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz and handbag designer Devi Kroell left their stylish stamps on the doll. And of course these collaborations are all for a good cause, with Phillipe and David Blond’s Pink Diamond Barbie raising funds for the MAC AIDS Fund organization, and proceeds from Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi’s version going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And boy what proceeds they were.

Barbie’s anniversaries have also prompted Mattel to release limited editions of the doll. Her 30th anniversary in 1989 was marked with the Pink Jubilee doll, which was gifted to guests at an invitation-only party at the Lincoln Center. Any of those lucky attendees can now sell the doll for a staggering price. And Barbie’s 40th anniversary in 1999 was celebrated with a diamond or 160 courtesy of the famous jewelers De Beers. Her worth will astound you.

It’s not all auction prices that make up the top 10 most expensive Barbies ever made. It’s also retail price, and the Pink Splendor Barbie is the most expensive in that category. What makes this doll even more different from the others is that her current value is actually considerably less than her original price tag. On the other end of the scale, the original Barbie doll retailed for just $3, but is worth an amazing amount more these days. Get searching your old toy boxes to see if you’ve got one collecting dust.

Discover which Barbies make the top 10 list of most expensive, including a historic figure and a blinged up promotional model, and let us know in comments which one you like the most.