10 Most Expensive Toys You Can't Afford


If you thought spending hundreds on toys was excessive, just wait ‘til you see the most expensive toys you can’t afford. We’re talking not only thousands but millions. So what makes a toy ridiculously expensive? Sometimes it’s all the bling that gets added. Throw some gold and diamonds on to a soccer ball, model car, board game or puzzle, and you’ve got an instant price tag changer right there. With others, it’s the history of the item that makes it so valuable. We’ve found some of the most expensive toys in the world that are sure to make your jaw drop.

There are some toys that you’ve likely got stored away somewhere from your childhood. We’re talking dolls and action figures. If you happened to have the G.I. Joe prototype in a cardboard box in your attic, you’d be pretty wealthy once you’d paid a visit to the auction house. And you can be pretty sure that your old Barbie doll isn’t worth anywhere near as much as the special edition created by an Australian jewelry designed that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Whenever a doll gets dressed up by fashion designers, its value skyrockets. Just look at the incredible amount Madame Alexander Eloise is worth.

The next time you play a game of Monopoly, just imagine how much more exciting it would be if all the counters, the money and the board itself were made out of gold. You’d need millions, though, if you wanted to own that Sidney Mobell creation. And when you next try your hand at a Rubik’s Cube, consider the fact that there’s a fancy version out there that’s worth millions too. It’s amazing what a few hundred precious stones can do to an ordinary toy’s price tag. When a soccer ball gets blinged up with diamonds, it’s going to cost a whole lot more than the average. As will a model car. In fact, that’s worth way more than a real, full-size car when it’s made with such expensive materials.

Creating a toy from solid gold is always going to make it worth a crazy amount. And when it comes to gold rocking horses, only American pop royalty or actual Japanese royalty are going to be able to afford that kind of expensive horseplay. The rarity of a toy will also increase its value. This is as true for teddy bears as it is for toy battleships.