10 Most Inappropriate Disney Products Ever Sold To Kids


Disney is the biggest children’s entertainment conglomerate in the world, but it just so happens that when it comes to the franchise, they are sometimes the opposite of kid-friendly. There are sexual innuendos in Disney movies, phallic symbols on movie covers, and products that are extremely inappropriate whether they are shaped like male genitalia or have special features that make it look like the character is having a much-too-good time with themselves.

It’s surprising that the designers of these products find it acceptable to create them. It might not be intentional, but chances are they didn’t miss the in-your-face sexuality of some of them. Take the Buzz Lightyear sippy cup for example. The straw is placed in the most unfortunate position it could be, and children are actually supposed to drink from it. And the Minnie Mouse sing-a-long doll looks much more like an x-rated sex toy than something children should have with them in their bedrooms. Mickey Mouse has his share of impoliteness too when it comes to kids’ products. His microphone was manufactured to be shaped like him, and in turn, makes whatever kid is playing with it look like they have a phallic object near their mouth.

Then there is the Tarzan toy, which would make anyone uncomfortable. The toy’s special feature makes a jerking motion above his private area, and to make matters even worse, he makes a jungle grunting sound to go along with it. And the Donald Duck ride is something you’ll have to see for yourself, but inappropriate doesn’t even start to explain it! Plus, what’s the deal with The Little Mermaid being on the front of Disney fish sticks? Seeing that she’s part fish herself, it just seems wrong.

Not to mention the people who try to DIY their own Disney products. The key word in that sentence? Try. Two women made Minnie and Mickey mouse wildly sexualized when they decided to make their own shirts. You’ll have to see it to believe it, but there’s a whole lot of cleavage going on, to say the least. These products prove that the most child-centric entertainment franchise in the world has become increasingly adult-like. Get ready to amp up the shock factor, these are the 10 most inappropriate Disney products ever sold.