10 Most Inappropriate Games You Played As A Kid


When you look back as an adult, you realize just how many inappropriate games you played as a kid. A lot of your favorite childhood games were actually quite dangerous, or violent, or just not suitable for under 18s to play. The worst childhood games were not even suitable for anyone to play. From kissing games to chasing games, we’re zooming in on the most unsuitable games you played as a child. You’ll be shocked to hear some of them even got banned.

Physically aggressive games just aren’t appropriate for kids to play. Particularly when those games actually encourage violent behavior. Like King of the Hill. It’s a wonder anyone ever wanted to be the King, given that you got pushed, punched and kicked by your opponents. And then there are the violent games that are actually considered sports, like Dodgeball. Given that the aim is to hit someone with a ball, it’s no wonder it’s not approved by certain associations. Then there are the games that use imaginary weapons and negative representations, like Cowboys and Indians. Even these kinds of games are getting banned in the 21st Century.

Some games kids play are clearly dangerous, but that doesn’t stop them playing them. Well, until they get a broken bone, that is. Crash is obviously not a good idea: shopping carts are designed for groceries in a store, not kids racing down a hill. And slingshot fights are nearly always going to end up with someone getting hurt. You know when your mom says: “you’ll have your eye out with that”? Well that actually did happen to at least one poor kid, courtesy of a slingshot fight.

Then there is the category of inappropriate children’s games that involve kissing. Kiss Chase seems pretty cute until you realize you were being chased by someone trying to kiss you. If that happened in your adult life, it wouldn’t be considered a bit of fun. And what about Seven Minutes In Heaven? Being locked in a closet with another kid and being expected to kiss, or whatever else, is really quite unbelievable. Never did seven minutes feel like such an eternity when you weren’t interested in the person you were sitting with.

We also dive into the stories behind the manufactured games that got recalled or banned, like Slip ‘N Slide, Lawn Darts and Mortal Kombat. Watch our video now to take a trip down memory lane, and check off how many of these inappropriate games you played as a kid.