10 Most Shocking Children's Toys Ever Made


In the past, toys were simple. Slinkies vaulted their way down stairs, Barbies renovated their Malibu homes and cuddly teddy bears kept watch as little ones dozed off to sleep. Throughout the years, these trinkets that whisk kids off to imaginary lands of playful discovery have become more and more advanced, more lifelike. They have become more evolved than just dolls with pull cords placed in their backs or lights that flash on a firetruck with a push of a button.

Within this new evolving world of toys, it’s without a doubt that manufacturers search for unique ideas to sell their products. They want to make sure they keep up with things that appeal to kids. Whether it be something that emulates what their parents do on a daily basis, like cooking for example, or whether it be a replica from their favorite movie, businesses want to make something the kids constantly beg their parents for.

However, it seems that there has been quite some oversight with some of these toys. In this video, you will see some of the most perverted, bizarre and inappropriate toys store shelves have ever seen. Take a look at the ten most shocking kids’ toys ever made.