10 SHOCKING Facts About Disney You Won't Believe


There are a surprising number of shocking facts about Disney. Given that Disney is a part of most children’s lives, it makes some of these facts even more shocking. There are plenty of Disney secrets that are totally inappropriate for young eyes. Your favorite movies are involved, including The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. Once you’ve learned all these bizarre facts, you’ll never look at The Rescuers, The Pirates of the Caribbean or The Princess and the Frog in the same way again. From dead bodies and real skeletons to topless women and phallic symbols, we’ve found the most jaw-dropping Disney facts.

You don’t expect sex to feature in a kids’ film, but it is literally spelled out in more than one Disney movie. You also don’t expect genitals to show up in children’s movies. But in Disney films, there are lots of instances when phallic symbols and penises pop up. Sex in Disney movies? It gets even more shocking. There are even instances of topless women in the background of much-loved movies. These shocking Disney moments have led to video cases being redesigned and videos being recalled. The Little Mermaid and The Rescuers have secret histories that are alarming to learn.

It’s not just the movies themselves that can shock. It’s also what fans do after watching Disney movies that can be disturbing. Like contracting diseases after copying their favorite Disney princesses. Or thinking they can free their pets, with disastrous results. How many films can claim they’ve led to dozens of girls getting salmonella? Or that they’ve led to death of dozens of innocent fish? Kissing frogs and flushing fish down the toilet are not great ideas. The Princess and the Frog and Finding Nemo have a lot to answer for.

The Disney theme parks and production studios harbor many of their own disturbing secrets too. These include using actual human bones on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And ashes being secretly scattered at the Haunted Mansion. And then there’s the sexism against creative employees back in the 1930s. And bizarre bans on certain physical accoutrements when it comes to the theme park workers. And the seriously shocking revelations about the number of sex crime arrests of Disney employees.

Watch our video to find out the details of all these shocking Disney facts and more. Then we bet you race to your own Disney DVD collection to check out the incriminating scenes. You’ll never look at Disney in the same way again.