10 Things All Kids Consider Funny


There are certain things all kids consider funny. These might be physical things, like tickling, bodily functions and pulling silly faces. Then there are things on TV that children find funny, like cartoon violence and slapstick. And of course that are lots of things kids find funny that are to do with language, from talking in opposites and making up nonsensical situations to playing with sounds and toilet language. One thing’s for sure: all children laugh at these funny things.

When it comes to language, kids are just finding out how to use it to full effect. And that can lead to hilarious moments for lots of children. Like saying the opposite of what they mean. This gets even funnier for the child when the adult isn’t in on the joke and gets very confused. Likewise, when kids start coming up with nonsense scenarios, it can also create lots of hilarious confusion. Their imaginations are getting wilder every day, and this can lead to some crazy conversations where they can’t stop laughing at the silly situations they dream up. Kids also think it’s funny to play with the sounds of words and riff on rhymes of pretend words. Only trouble is, this can be might embarrassing for the parents when the child accidentally comes out with a rude or unacceptable word in public during their innocent rhyming game.

Then there’s the kind of language that is funny because it’s forbidden, like toilet language and private body parts. Most adults have managed to accept the social rules around these kinds of subjects, and don’t tend to say those words relating to going to the bathroom. In contrast, kids are still pushing the boundaries and enjoying saying things they know are rude. When you get a group of them encouraging each other to say the rudest thing, they can’t stop laughing. When they hear or see bodily functions they can also find that the funniest thing on earth too.

Children also laugh at the strangest things, like cartoon violence and physical comedy. You’ll never find a more appreciative audience for slapstick humor than a bunch of kids. And of course there are knock knock jokes, which are never more enjoyed than by a child. And the sillier and more bizarre the better.