10 Things You Didn't Know About The Female Body


If you think you’re an expert on women’s bodies, prepare to by surprised by these 10 shocking facts you didn’t know about the female body. From differences in the way men and women detect smells, listen, cry, see colors and process alcohol to the fascinating reasons behind why women live longer, these facts will blow your mind. These surprising facts about women’s bodies will have you calling up your friends stat and sharing all of these amazing things none of you ever knew.

Most people figure many of the differences between men and women are down to society – like the reason why women tend to cry more than men. But when you discover the science behind it, you’ll realize why men and women are different in the tears department. And it’s often joked about that women and men hear different things when they’re having a conversation, but there’s actually a neurological reason why the two genders listen differently.

If you ever thought it was just down to sexism when people claim men can handle their drink better than women, these facts about women and alcohol will give you some surprising information about why having a drink is quite so different between the two sexes. Although women and men’s senses of sight and smell are pretty much the same, there are some subtle differences at a genetic and hormonal level. These mean some women can see more color hues than men, and can detect scents at an incredibly low level.

There are lots of advantages women’s bodies have over men’s bodies. For starters, women have a higher pain threshold. You’ll get the shivers finding out about the test they had to take to prove it. And if you wondered why there’s a ‘man flu’ and not a ‘woman flu’, these facts about a woman’s immune system will make it all clear. You know how often a man forgets to pass on a phone message or pick up milk on his way home from work? Well, there are scientific reasons to do with hormones and the brain that mean women are officially better at remembering to do things than men. Ever pondered about the difference in size and shape between breasts? You’ll learn all about it right here.