10 Times Celebs Twinned With Cartoons


Sometimes you do a double take when you see two people who look alike, but what about celebrity cartoon twins? That takes lookalikes to a whole new level. Certain celebrities who look like cartoon characters would no doubt be flattered by the comparison. There are some seriously sexy cartoon characters out there. And there are famous people who look so like cartoons, they point it out themselves. We’ve found the best 10 times celebs twinned with cartoons.

It’s most interesting when celebs find their own cartoon doppelgangers. Kim Kardashian was so excited to look like a certain Disney princess, she dressed up as her for Halloween. And then shared an artist’s mashup of herself and the princess morphed together. Then there’s Ariana Grande, who finds it hilarious that she looks so like a particular cartoon character. And this one isn’t even human. It was her bright red lipstick that led Demi Lovato to point out the similarity between herself and a classic Disney princess. Her Instagram caption left us all in no doubt about who she thinks is superior.

There are cartoon characters that are voiced by famous people, but it’s in fact a different celebrity that most looks like the cartoon. Take Rapunzel, for example. Mandy Moore might have voiced her in ‘Tangled’, but it’s another actress that is totally twinning with the longhaired heroine. Hair can play a big part in making a celebrity look like a cartoon. And that’s certainly the case with redhead Bella Thorne and Daphne from ‘Scooby-Doo’. It was a different actress who played the character in the live action movie version of the cartoon, but we think Bella wins over Sarah Michelle Gellar when it comes to looking like the cartoon original.

Kylie Jenner and Betty Boop also look alike because of their hair. And voluptuous figures. And attention-grabbing pouts. Betty Boop’s original inspiration was hotly debated, even leading to a lawsuit. The person Tinker Bell was based on was also a topic of debate. The popular urban legend about Marilyn Monroe is very fitting, given that Michelle Williams with a pixie cut is the spitting image of the fairy from Peter Pan, and the actress also played the blonde bombshell in ‘My Week With Marilyn’. And can you guess whom Barack Obama looks like? You’ll never watch this show in the same way again once you’ve spotted the similarity.