10 Unusual Animals You Never Heard Of


We all know about plenty of animals in regular day-to-day life. Pets, farmyard residents, even wild animals don’t surprise us much. But there are totally weird animals that are so odd you will struggle to believe they really exist. Like what? How about a mole with a massive star-shaped nose? Or a mole with no fur at all? Or a crab that’s so covered in hair it’s nicknamed The Hoff?

There are odd creatures under the ocean, scuttling along dry land, and living up in the trees. Some of them are the stuff nightmares are made of. Sharks with long snouts and nail-like teeth that look like goblins. Snakes that look like penises. Lemurs that look like Gremlins. But then there are animals that are so cute you’ll want to take them home, like moths that look like poodles.

We’ve scoured the planet to find the oddest creatures of them all. Take a look at the 10 weirdest animals you never heard of, and get ready to drop your jaw in shock.