10 WEIRDEST Toys For Children


You’ll wonder what’s gotten into toy manufacturers when you see the weirdest toys ever made. There are so many normal toys out there, that perhaps these companies thought the best way to make sales was to make the strangest toys in the world. Toys that involve poop. And blood and guts. And road kill. Once you’ve taken a look at the weirdest toys in the world, you’ll wonder who on earth buys these things.

Dolls are usually pretty standard. They don’t tend to cause too much controversy. But there are a few versions out there that certainly test the boundaries of what’s acceptable. Take, for example, a doll that can be breastfed by its tiny owner. Or a doll that’s covered in tufts of hair just waiting to be shaved off by its child. Then of course there’s the doll that’s a stark warning to anyone of what could happen if you were to place a baby in a microwave. Yep, the designers behind a lot of the most bizarre toys ever are often rather strange. And they come up with some of the most frightening things. Like banks with sinister faces on that would give anyone nightmares.

Toilet words and actions are some of the funniest things in the world to a child. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that toy makers are creating entertainment based around excrement. But it is actually rather shocking when you see a unicorn having a poop, or a piece of poop made out of dough that’s so realistic looking it even comes with yellow dough to make sweet corn pieces. Seriously gross. And it’s not just number twos but number ones that get the toy treatment too. The portable urinal has to be seen to be believed. You’ll never look at an elephant’s trunk in the same way again.

You’d hope that all toys designed for children are done so with good taste. But there are definitely toys out there that really push the boundaries of what’s acceptable for a child to play with. Like a road kill cat complete with tire marks across its body. Or the stripper pole set that was advertised in a major supermarket’s toy department in the UK. Try explaining that one to Grandma when she next comes to stay.