Super Funny Supermarket Fails


Clean up on aisle 12! Check out these crazy supermarket fails! When you work at a supermarket or grocery store, as the lowly stock clerk, and you hear those ominous words called out on the intercom, you know there's some nasty work ahead of you. Whether it be a child running down the aisles flinging non-perishable food cans and boxes to the floor, a display of fruits or vegetables that toppled over, or some random customer who couldn't wait (or be bothered to use the public washroom), it's going to be a nightmare. There are lots of kids who grew up thinking the store is a playground, and those same kids who become teens with nothing better to do than to make things difficult for the employees by attempting stupid stunts on the grocery carts. If it's in the supermarket and it's a fail, it's in this video!