The AMAZING Evolution Of Iconic Children's Toys


Whether you grew up during the era of the View-Master or you had a bunch of Cabbage Patch Dolls scattered around your bedroom, it’s no secret that our favorite toys have a great impact on our childhood. Keep reading to see the amazing evolution of iconic kids toys.

In 1939, the View-Master made its toy store debut. The toy uses colorful slides full of pictures of travel destinations that can be viewed through a three-dimensional handheld device. Cameraman William Gruber got the idea to create the toy while taking pictures at the Oregon Caves National Monument, and the rest is history. This toy was so appealing because it allowed the viewer to see various landscapes and attractions up close and personal. This is one toy that’s guaranteed to be a classic for many years to come.

In 1959, Barbara Millicent Roberts was born, and the world has been in love with her ever since. The original Barbie doll was manufactured in Japan, and her black and white zebra-print bathing suit was hand-stitched by talented artisans. Although Barbie’s look was pretty one-dimensional when she first stepped out on the scene, these days, she comes in various ethnicities, enjoys numerous hobbies, and has held more than 150 jobs. Take a peek inside the toy box of any child in the world, and you’re bound to see numerous Barbies of various skin tones in their collection.

Store shelves were knocked over and complete pandemonium ensued as soon as the Cabbage Patch Doll was released. 1983 marked the year these lovable and cuddly dolls hit the market, and their limited availability meant parents were doing unthinkable things just to get their hands on them. The Cabbage Patch Doll came in a variety of skin shades, hair made of yarn, and some pretty stylish outfits. Kids loved these dolls because each one was so unique. They came with their very own adoption papers and even a birth certificate.

As soon as the Tamagotchi was released in 1996, it became a worldwide phenomenon. Created in Japan, the Tamagotchi is a tiny egg-shaped computer that houses a virtual pet. Players were responsible for taking care of the pet, and neglecting to play, feed, and clean up after it would ultimately lead to its death. Many kids became so attached to their Tamagotchis, they would sneak them into their backpacks so they could feed and play with them during school.

Did you enjoy playing with any of these iconic toys during your childhood?