Vin Diesel's Tribute to His Fallen Friend

The Fast and The Furious movies have been around since 2001 and have been a staple in the driving-action genre. No movies have done it better, and neither have any actors; with stars like Eva Mendez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker. Paul Walker being without a doubt the fan favorite of the whole 'Furious' franchise.

There was one movie in the franchise that did not include Paul Walker, 'Tokyo Drift,' which in many fans' opinion should not be considered part of the franchise; no Paul, no 'Furious.' His character is what propelled him to super-stardom in these films.

His character, Brian O’Connor was smart, handsome, down-to-earth, and overall just a good guy who would do the right thing because it was the right thing to do. But he had a wild side too, a bit of a good-guy bad-boy you might say. It was much a reflection of Paul’s real life personality; he liked to have some fun and better yet he was a great person.

He was just a good guy who everybody got along with and everybody loved, none more so than his co-star and best friend Vin Diesel. That’s why when the cinematic world learned that on November 30, 2013 that Paul Walker had died, it went into complete shock.

Paul Walker was born in Glendale California to Cheryl and Paul William Walker, he was named after his father. In college Walker majored in marine biology and was an active humanitarian, flying all over the world to places like Chile to help people who had been devastated by earthquakes. He wasn't just smart and a good soul, he was a talented actor too.

Vin Diesel thought it would make a fitting tribute for a great friend and man to name his child after Paul, on March 16, 2105 Vin Diesel, aka Mark Sinclair and his wife Paloma Jiminez, decided to name their baby girl Pauline after the late great Paul Walker. Walker has a surviving child of his own named meadow to continue his legacy and the family name.

When talking about his decision to name his infant daughter after Walker Diesel stated that, “He [Walker] was in the room. There's no other person that I'm thinking about as I'm cutting this umbilical cord. I knew he was there and I felt like, you know, it was a way to keep his memory a part of my memory, a part of my world."

There's no better way to honor the life of a friend or relative then to bless your new baby with their name. This tribute is often seen in families as a way to extend legacy and instill a sense of carrying someone forward through their name. It can also be an emotional decision made by big bad buff guys like Vin Diesel.

Rarely do we see such a strong man let their true emotions and their vulnerability show to the whole world. Vin isn’t just a rich muscle headed actor, he’s a humanitarian, a sentimentalist, and a good guy. But most of all, he’s just a man who misses his best friend more than anything.

And for those of you who are thinking that Vin named his baby girl after a man…yes, Paul was a man and Vin named his daughter after that man, but it’s really not a big deal in the sense that Paul is a masculine name. Pauline is a fairly common woman’s name and is the feminine version of Paul.

At least it’s a real name, there are many celebrities who name their kids odd names either because they want the attention or just because they decide to give their child a weird or funny name, things people wouldn’t normally consider to even be suitable for baby names. Nic Cage named his kid Kal-El after Superman, Courtney Cox named her child Coco, and more recently, Kanye West's baby North West.

There is no way that Vin will ever forget Paul, needless to say his movies will be around for a very long time, and every time someone looks at little Pauline they will remember Paul Walker.

Many people are applauding Vin Diesel and showing their respect for his decision to name his child after Paul; I’m sure Paul is smiling down on his “brother” Vin and his beautiful daughter right now. And what great timing for Vin Diesel to make this tribute, the baby has come along just as Furious 7 is hitting theaters.

Many people said that Furious 7 would not and should not be released, but advocates and stars like Vin Diesel campaigned for the movie's release as a way to honor Paul. Just as the last movie with Paul Walker is coming out, a new life is born and a name is given as a tribute to Walker. We're all fortunate enough to see the last film with Walker recurring his lead role as Brian O'Connor hit theatres this Spring. This will be the last commemoration of a cinematic life seen publically. It's sort of a surreal yet heartwarming coincidence.

Two celebrations of life, one where we get to see Paul’s face for the last time, and one where we get to see Pauline’s face for the first time. This tragedy reminds us that life is a cycle, we learn from our mistakes, we respect our elders, and we remember the past and those who have come before us; there is no better way to do so than by what Vin Diesel has done in naming his child after the amazing and generous life of his best friend, Paul Walker.

We can rest assured that Vin Diesel isn't trying to pull a publicity stunt and ensure more attention for the movie, thus generating more revenue. This has all been a tragic and beautiful coincidence in that Walker is dead, but his name lives on. 


Walker started his career making diaper commercials, and eventually found a role on The Young and the Restless playing Brandon Collins. Eventually he moved to superstardom with the role of Brian O’Connor.

In a recent interview, Vin Diesel stated that his last conversation with Paul had actually been about providing relief and financial support to the victims of hurricane Yolanda which devastated The Philippines; even before his untimely death, Paul was trying to help the world be a better place.

Walker suffered fatal injuries after speeding down a freeway at 150+ kilometers per hour when the car lost control and hit a tree and then a light post just north of Los Angeles, the car had nearly ten year old tires which could have caused the tragic accident. The world begun mourning the terrible loss of a modern day pop-culture icon the day Paul Walker died.

For the fans of The Fast and The Furious movies it has been a long and hard road since the untimely demise of Paul walker. For nobody more so than his best friend Vin Diesel, who has since Walker’s death announced his feelings publically about how they grew to be best friends over the course of the years and how they enjoyed each other’s company.

Paul and Vin would just hung out like buddies; Vin thought of Paul Walker as his brother and Walker's mother once stated that Paul and Vin were like two halves. Besides Paul’s own mother, there was probably nobody else in Hollywood who felt as deeply saddened and hurt by Paul’s death than Vin Diesel; his best friend was gone and he wasn’t coming back.

There were and are many critics out there who said that being the lead star in a hit movie series and playing a “professional” driver might have gone to his head, but the facts state that Paul was not at the wheel when the car careened out of control and onto the sidewalk, he was the passenger and was in no way at fault for the accident.

And even if he were at the wheel, there are many factors which could have caused the accident. Paul Walker was in fact a fully licensed professional racecar driver who was sponsored by many different brands; he wasn’t just a good driver in the movies, he did it in real life too.

After Paul died the whole world showed it’s grief in various ways, social media was abuzz with posts and tweets remembering Paul and consoling his family and friends, and many people found special ways to commemorate his life and his death.

Paul Walker, may you rest in Peace, and Pauline may your life be filled with happiness and Joy.

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