Vincent Cassel Has A New Baby at 52 Years Old

Fifty-two-year-old Vincent Cassel announces that they just had their first child together. Mom and baby are doing great! Everybody is happy and healthy!

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Oceans 12 star, Vincent Cassel, is 52 years old. Cassel married his wife, Tina Kunakey, 22, in August 2018. Cassel divorced his previous wife, Monica, back in 2013. Together, Cassel and Monica share two daughters together. Cassel has a daughter named Deva who is 14 years old. He also has a daughter named Leonie who is 9 years old.

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Cassel and Tina have been married for about eight months and they are happy to announce that they just had their first child together! They delivered a beautiful and perfect little girl. Cassel announced the birth of his newest daughter by showing a picture of the Amazon rainforest and capturing it with, “Amazonie est née." Which translates from French (Cassel's native language) to English as "Amazonie is born." Cassel and Tina named their daughter Amazonie. Amizonie is certainly a unique name, but it is due to Tina's Brazillian roots. The couple even has a part-time home in Brazil.

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The couple is over the moon excited to be able to welcome a healthy little girl into their lives. Cassel is one lucky man to be surrounded by so many beautiful ladies. Tina is doing great and she seems to be recovering well. Hopefully, her road to recovery is quick and they get to enjoy their precious new gift.

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Congratulation to the couple on their beautiful little baby girl! People might think that Cassel is a bit old to be starting over with the whole "baby thing" but a baby will keep him young that's for sure. There is nothing like having a sweet new little baby to keep you young! Cassel's daughters are probably super excited to have another little sister. Amazonie is going to get a lot of love and attention from her sisters! We seriously can't wait to see pictures of all of the girls together! Congratulations to the beautiful family!

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