One Mother Is Encouraging Talk About Infant Loss & Infertility With Viral Photo Series

A mother of three decided to create a project to help women speak up about pregnancy and infant loss and the project went viral. 

It is hard to talk about miscarriage and infant loss.  Mothers are filled with shame, guilt, and sadness whenever they think about the little spirits that they have lost. Dana Dewedoff-Carney has three beautiful living children, but she has had two miscarriages. She lost one of her children at 5 weeks and then another baby at 12 weeks.

Dana decided to create Project Benjamin which is a series of photos from real mothers telling their real-life stories about their losses. The photo series has gone viral and it is allowing moms to be able to share their experiences with their pregnancies and infant loss.

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In past generations, women have found themselves dealing with their losses quietly. The new generation of mothers have decided to speak up about their trials and to let other women know that they are not alone. Project Benjamin shares their experiences and honors the loss of their angel babies. The Project titled all of the photos with hashtag #theymattertoo.  The photos shared things that people have said and shown the truth behind the scenes. One mother, Melissa, suffered from a stillborn. She lost her daughter Averi and it was extremely difficult. Several people have told her, "you can just adopt." Another woman, Andrea, lost her baby at 9 weeks. She has struggled to get pregnant again. It has been a battle with infertility and it doesn't help when people ask her, "when are you going to have children?" A woman involved in the project named Christina said that she has a son named Eddie. However, before her son Eddie was born, she had a stillbirth. Many people come and tell her to have another baby because Eddie needs a brother. They don't know that Eddie's brother is in Heaven.

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It is very important to remember that many people struggle with infertility issues. There are a lot of women who have suffered from issues such as miscarriages, stillbirth and infant loss. We need to all be sensitive with the words that we say to mom's because we never know what other women are dealing with at that moment.

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