This Viral Post From A Mother Of Three Opens Up A Conversation About Balancing Work And Motherhood

Mom's have high and ridiculous expectations placed upon them


Being a mother is very difficult. It is a very rewarding job that we wouldn't change for the world. However, it is also the hardest job in the world. There are long hours, demanding requests, and little to no acknowledgments about all of the things that we all accomplish during the day. One mother shared a 1,000 word Facebook post reciting the unrealistic expectation set forth for mothers, especially working mothers.

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This mother shared that she was encouraged (pressured) to go back to work 6-8 weeks after giving birth to a brand new baby. She then says that she also needs to breastfeed her child even while putting in long hours. Also, she is expected to do all of this while getting back into shape. This mom explains that she is also responsible for volunteering at all three of her kid's schools, planning her children's schedules (and making sure that they arrive at their events on time), cleaning the house, cooking healthy meals, and she is expected to keep up with a social life. She is also pressured into keeping up a romantic relationship with her husband AND being told that she needs to have "me time."

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On top of all of her obligations as a mother, she gets bombarded with cliche advice such as "these are the best times of your life," "enjoy your kids while they are young because they will grow up way too fast." And then she is told that it is also her responsibility to teach her children good manner, proper socialization skills, and to create productive individuals. All of these expectations rely heavily on the mother.  Mom's are also pressured into working, but then if they do work outside their home they get asked, "where are your children?" Working moms are then filled with guilt that they are not with their children at home. Father's are just encouraged to love their children and to work to support their family. Everything else falls on the mom.

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Women have always received ridiculous expectations and it just gets worse when we become mothers. We are expected to literally DO IT ALL and to look good doing it! We are expected to do everything, but to enjoy it because "it goes by in the blink of an eye."

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