Social Media Post Expertly Explains The Rules For Visiting A Newborn

A Facebook post that went viral earlier in 2018 for explaining some do's and don'ts of visiting a newborn is making another round on social media.

Many visitors forget the proper etiquette of visiting a new baby. The post went viral because people somehow forget what to do and what not to do with a newborn infant.

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Bringing a baby into this world is such an amazing experience. It is tiring, painful and hard, but amazing. New parents have to deal with a lot of new things with their new baby. They have to deal with feeding, cleaning, dressing, playing, and protecting their bundle of joy. Having a newborn is really stressful and sometimes visitors make the experience more stressful because they forget how to act around the baby. The parents all of a sudden have to take care of their baby and have to watch out for visitors who are over stepping their boundaries.

The viral Facebook post gave three very simple rules that all visitors should follow in order to create a more peaceful experience when visiting a newborn. The whole post can be viewed below.

Hi. I am a newborn so naturally everyone in my family is a pro when it comes to handling me. However, when it comes to...

Posted by Madelina birth & baby on Sunday, July 19, 2015

As for the content of the post, we could not agree with these tips more! For example. kissing newborns is one of the biggest no-no's anybody could possibly do. Not only can the common cold and viruses be transferred, but serious illnesses could also be spread to the little baby. Another one of the most stressful things that visitors can do is bring their other children to visiting hours. The new parents are exhausted, overwhelmed and even frustrated. New moms and dads don't need to have other children bringing more stress into their lives. Furthermore, children forget their manners as well and might touch, or wake up the baby. We love so many of these tips, but those are two of our favorites.

The last thing that the mom wants to do when she first brings her baby home is having to parent her visitors as well. Every new mom has had complaints about a visitor or two, so try to avoid being that person. Follow these tips and you will always be welcomed!

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