Viral Tweets Address Lack Of Maternity Wear For Outdoor Activities

While there’s no doubt that there are a lot of pregnant women who love to work out, they just don’t have the right kind of maternity clothes to do so outdoors. As a matter of fact, one woman’s viral tweet has recently addressed the lack of maternity wear for outdoor activities. It’s gotten a lot of women and expectant moms wondering why it’s taken so long to come up with a line that fits and caters to a pregnant woman’s outdoor needs.

One woman, Kasie Hunt, has pointed out that while there are plenty of yoga pants available in stores and online, maternity options for outdoor wear are extremely limited. Women who are pregnant and are looking to go for a hike in woods where they exercise might find it hard to purchase the clothes they need.

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Hunt, who is also an MSNBC News anchor, took to her Twitter account to share her grievances with her social media followers. She wrote that while looking for some basic maternity outdoor clothes for an upcoming trip, she found almost nothing suitable for her needs. Hunt wrote, “Turns out, most outdoor retailers try to carefully maintain a rugged, masculine image. Pregnancy is apparently not part of that. This is an absolute joke.”

However, some of her social media followers did point out that there are a few small companies, like Mountain Mama, that sells maternity clothes for hiking enthusiasts. But when it comes to huge name brands such as North Face, Patagonia, and REI, she came up short.

Hunt suggested that one of the reasons why pregnant women don’t have the clothes they need for the outdoors is pretty simple. She believes that in most cases, it’s “dudes who are making outdoor clothes for other dudes.” In other words, there is no one in these corporate offices who believe that pregnant women like to spend their time outdoors.

According to the Huffington Post, a quick search on the internet finds that there are plenty of yoga pants, sweatshirts, and leggings available for expectant mothers. But when it comes to base layers, hiking appropriate jackets or the right kind of clothes that are needed for cross country skiing, there’s next to nothing.

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It’s been noted that the global maternity apparel market is expected to become a $7 billion dollar industry in the next several years.

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