Viral Video Shows Dad Meeting Baby For The First Time After Returning From Overseas

A heartwarming video of a father meeting his baby for the first time after returning from service recently went viral.

Navy First Class Fire Controlman, Nicholas Pender, was deployed seven months ago along with 300 men and women. He spent the entire 7 months at sea. Nicholas was in the Navy's 5th and 6th Fleet. His fleets covered the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, parts of the Indian Ocean, as well as Europe.


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Nicholas was deployed on his fleets when his wife was about 7 months pregnant. He knew that he wasn't going to be able to be there for the first few months of his son's life. Nicholas was finally able to meet his son when his son was 5 months old and the video of them meeting for the first time is a complete tear jerker.

While Nicholas was away on his deployment he was able to communicate with his wife through modern technology. He was able to watch his little boy grow up, but seeing his son grow up through pictures and FaceTime is not the same as being there with his child and being able to hold and cuddle him. When he came home and saw his family for the first time he ran to his wife and grabbed the young baby from her hands. Nicholas spent a few minutes just staring at his son and began talking to him. Nicholas said it was very hard being away from his family. He was very blessed to be able to have had a great crew while he was away. It made his time at sea and away from his family much more bearable. He said that he was also blessed to be deployed in an age where there are ways to communicate with his family during the long months.

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BabyGaga wants to thank Nicholas and all of our militaries for the sacrifices that they make for our county. We are so glad that he has returned safely home to his family. Thankfully his son is still really young so that he will be able to be there with his child through his biggest milestones. Congratulations and once again, thank you for your service.

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