Viral Video Shows Woman Trying To Abduct Two Kids From Atlanta Airport

A woman tried to abduct two children at the Atlanta airport and it was all caught on camera.

A parent's worst nightmare is having something bad happened to one of their children. Parents are constantly worried about taking their kids anywhere into public because there are so many people out there who are trying to harm our children. One couple had the fright of their life when a woman tried to abduct their children while they were at the Atlanta airport trying to make their way to Disney World.

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The couple was traveling with their two small children. One of the children was in the arms of the father and the other child was resting comfortably in her stroller in front of her mother. The woman was caught on the airport security camera. She approached the mother and grabbed the stroller and started trying to take the stroller away from the mom. The mom was fighting her off. The father came over to help the mother. While they were distracted with the stroller, the woman grabbed the little boy from the father's arms, but the father was not going to let go.

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A traffic officer ran over because she saw what was happening. When the woman saw the traffic officer she tried to run off. However, she was too slow and the security officers were able to grab her and she was arrested. The woman was taken to the hospital to get checked out psychologically and then she was transported to the nearby jail. The security camera at the Atlanta airport was able to capture every second of the abduction attempt and they wanted to share the footage.

The footage has become viral. It is important for parents to understand how quickly an attempt can occur and they should always be vigilant about what is happening around them. If you watch the video you can see how fast that woman came up and grabbed the stroller. If the mother was not paying attention then the woman could have easily walked away with the baby in her stroller. The officers are not sure what the woman intended to do with the children. They said she was pretty erratic and how she went about the abduction was a bit erratic. She will be charged, but the officers did not get any further information about her mental state.

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