This Nurse Delivered Her Own Baby At Home Using Her Medical Skills

A maternity nurse in Salem, Virginia was able to put her professional skills to the test by delivering her own baby while at home.

On October 29, maternity nurse Carissa Tufts started having contractions. She was 9 months pregnant and she was very familiar with the protocol with labor due to her occupation. By the next morning Tufts said that she started feeling stronger contractions, but she figured she had plenty of time to get to the hospital. She took a warm bath to comfort her through the pain of the contractions. Tufts wasn't a new mother, she also has another child. She is a very experienced maternity care nurse at Lewis-Gale Medical Center, so she had witnessed a lot of births. She was certain that she would have time to take a bath and make it to the hospital before the baby arrived. She was wrong.

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Before Tuft knew it she felt like the baby was going to come at any moment. She quickly yelled at her husband and her mom who were nearby. She said that the baby was coming and that she needed to push. She informed her husband that there was no way that she was going to make it to the hospital.

Tuft quickly began pushing out her beautiful baby girl. With the help of her husband, they were able to deliver their child without any other reinforcements. Tuft coached her husband in what to do in order for everything to go smoothly. At that moment she was so very blessed to have had the experiences that she had. Her husband called 9-1-1 and EMT's took her and the new baby to the hospital to make sure that everybody was doing well.

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Both Tuft and her sweet little baby girl were monitored by the hospital staff and they were healthy. A home birth was not part of the "plan" but ultimately she just wanted a healthy little baby. Although it wasn't the type of birth that they had expected she is very excited to be able to have an exciting story to tell her daughter someday. We wanted to congratulate the happy new family on their new addition. We are so relieved that everything went smoothly and no complications occurred during the labor and delivery. Best of luck mama!

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