Taking Vitamin D While Pregnant Can Improve Babies' Dental Health

Researchers have found that taking large doses of vitamin D during pregnancy can greatly improve babies’ dental health. The clinical trial followed the progress of the children for six years, and what they found was incredible. Dentists were amazed when they found out that some of the kids they examined participated in this study.

Vitamin D is essential for everyone, but it’s especially important for pregnant women. It’s vital to the development of the baby because it supports healthy bone development. Not only is it important for the baby, but mothers also need to have adequate amounts during pregnancy. The body uses it to aid with the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.

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Several studies have been done looking at the effect of Vitamin D on autoimmune disease __ What is the mechanism behind this effect⁉️ __ 📍Vitamin D inhibits the secretion of proinflammatory Th1 (IL2, interferon-γ, tumor necrosis factor α), Th9 (IL9) and Th22 (IL22) cytokines and promotes the production of more anti-inflammatory Th2 cytokines (IL3, IL4, IL5, IL10). These findings may explain the protective effect of vitamin D upon the risk of developing autoimmune diseases📍 __ A recent meta-analysis published in Autoimmunity Reviews in July 2019 looked at Vitamin D in Autoimmunity… here are some key findings: __ 1️⃣MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Many studies found that high vitamin D levels correlate with a decrease in #multiplesclerosis risk of incidence .. 2️⃣THYROID DISEASE: Confirmed a strong association between vitamin D deficiency and AITD incidence .. 3️⃣LUPUS: Vitamin D levels also appears to be related to the risk of developing the disease in genetically predisposed individuals .. 4️⃣RHEUMATOID: VD treatment ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) suppressing Th17 cells and increasing Tregs .. 4️⃣TYPE 1 DM: Lower vitamin D concentration, particularly in the third trimester of pregnancy, was associated with T1DM of the offspring .. ✅TAKEAWAY FROM THE ANALYSIS: immune-modulatory effects of vitamin D can improve autoimmune diseases treatment. Thus, it is necessary to integrate vitamin D in autoimmune patients, especially those who are taking corticosteroids __ How many of you take Vitamin D⁉️What’s your dose⁉️ ___

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Six years ago, 623 pregnant women participated in a JAMA Pediatrics study. At the 24th week of pregnancy, a group took two pills daily: a 400-unit and a 2,400 unit, both containing vitamin D. The other group took a 400-unit placebo pill. Recently, the kids were examined by dentists who were not told which mothers took the supplements. They found that the children of those who were part of the vitamin D regimen had a 47% lower rate of enamel defects, both for permanent and baby teeth, compared to the control group.

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The researchers chose to examine the kids at age six because there are no association with cavities yet. A child can’t have cavities without having enamel defects first, which is what the dentists looked for. Without a doubt, the higher dose of vitamin D helped with the enamel development. The treatment had no adverse side effects, so it could be a powerful tool in ensuring that kids have healthier teeth. However, it’s important to note that there are not many studies that have found the cause or prevention of enamel defects.

For those who can’t afford vitamin D pills or are not too keen on taking medication, there are other ways to get it. It can be found in egg yolk and salmon or cod liver oil. Most of the milk you can buy at the store is fortified with vitamin D. Getting a good amount of sun is also a good way to get your vitamin D; just make sure to wear proper amounts of sunscreen!

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