Waistband Seat Makes Carrying Baby So Much Easier

A new crowdfunded parenting product is about to ship something that will make carrying around your little one so much easier.

Any parent of a toddler knows just how much of a workout it is carrying around an infant all day, especially when they start getting up there in size. Hoisting a 30 to 40-pound weight over a dozen times a day can really take it out of you, not to mention the fact that carrying that weight on your hip for hours at a time can be terrible for your back.

There are a few products out there already that will try and take the load-off, so to speak, like baby slings and backpacks, but none of them seem to mimic the natural position of a baby bouncing on your matronly (or patronly) hips.

Until now.

TushBaby is the brainchild of Tammy Rant, who came up with the product after realizing just how exhausting it was to carry her child on her hip all day long. What she came up with is sort of like a cross between a saddle and a weightlifting belt. You know, the kind that’s designed to keep a 300-pound dude from rupturing their spleens while lifting a small car.

Waistband Has A Seat For Your Baby

This waistband has a seat for your baby.

Posted by INSIDER Presents on Wednesday, June 6, 2018


The TushBaby provides the same kind of spleen-rupture-resistance that every parent needs, but also supports the parent’s lower back by letting the device distribute the weight across their entire frame. It also has a seat so that the baby has somewhere other than the body's hip to sit on.

Memory foam comprises the seat portion of the TushBaby, while a small, sticky fabric match keeps baby secure and not sliding around. There are four pockets to store stuff in, including a larger fanny-pack style pocket for diapers and wipes, a smaller pocket for your cell phone, a front pocket to carry your keys and loose ends, and a loop for attaching your baby’s toys.

TushBaby can support up to 44 lbs, which makes it useful for ages 0 to 36 months. TushBaby can also be used early on as a rest for feeding time, and then later as a means of carrying your baby either on your front or side.

Crowdfunding of TushBaby is now complete, with deliveries set to begin this month. Better get your TushBaby order in now before they sell out!


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