Want to save during pregnancy? Here’s what you need to do

Having a baby doesn’t come cheap these days, and with depleting economic conditions, things are bound to get worse. So what do we do? Stop having children? No way! By saving up right from the day you get those miraculous blue lines, you can be assured of significant savings that will last a very long time.

Along with the joys that a baby brings to his/her family, these bundles of joy have a price tag attached to them. Raising kids costs a good deal of money, but by preparing all through your pregnancy and right after birth, things will definitely be easier for the new proud parents. Here’s how you can go about saving a bit of money to ensure financial stability for days to come:

10  Don’t say no to baby showers!

As pathetic as it might sound, a major advantage of being pregnant is that your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors etc. actually want to gift things for the soon-to-arrive angel. At times, mothers are found saying no to baby showers, but don’t you dare do that – let them splash out all that money on your little one’s gifts! No matter who wants to throw the shower, be it your BFF from school, your family members, your annoying neighbor or even a co-worker, don’t miss out on it. With that, make sure that you let them know what you need for the baby, so you wouldn’t need to worry about duplicates!

9 Carry out comparisons between hospitals and their costs

The delivery cost, or the amount of money that you will have to spend at the hospital is definitely the most ‘expensive’ expenditure that you need to worry about. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to choose the hospital or birthing center rather meticulously. But apart from delivery charges, it is vital for you to also consider what your insurance is going to cover during your stay at the hospital. Remember, procedure costs and what is covered by your insurance plan tends to vary, and learning about these elements while comparing hospital costs can help you save up a good deal of money.

8 Secondhand clothing can work wonders too!

The thing with most first-time parents is that they don’t know how quick newborns grow out of their clothes. With that, they end up buying a whole new wardrobe for their precious angel, only to find later on that s/he hasn’t even been able to wear half of them. For this reason, and to help you save money, it is highly recommended for you to purchase gently used secondhand clothes. The best part is that these are easily available at consignment shops and yard sales, and you can even get some from your family members and friends. Most importantly, if you have older children, you can even use their childhood clothes – and if this is your first child, make sure that you keep his/her clothes safe for your next one!

7 Make sure that you put aside a bit of money for your maternity leave

You will obviously need to take a bit of time off from work once you have your baby, which deems it all the more necessary for you to be financially prepared for times to come. To begin with, work out the amount of money that you need to have at hand during your maternity leave. Once that is out of the way, save up bit by bit all through your pregnancy so there won’t be a thing for you to worry about when your precious one arrives. Also, if dad is planning on staying home with you too, make sure that you account for that as well when working on your savings!

6 Don’t spend on maternity clothes – share them!

If you know someone who is or has recently been pregnant and is your size, then seize the opportunity and share clothes with each other. This way, you will not have to spend endless amounts of money over buying a whole new maternity wardrobe, and whoever you share clothes with will be able to save money too.

5 Coupon hunting is the way to go

There are countless companies and websites out there that offer coupons for to-be mothers to use during pregnancy. Their offers vary from dollar amount spent to specific product coupons, and can help you save a good deal of money over things from maternity clothes to newborn wear, formula and a whole lot more!

4 Ask your little one’s doctor for free samples

With time, you will find yourself having to visit your pediatrician to clear out any questions and/or concerns that you may have about your baby in the first few weeks of his/her life. During your visits, make sure that you ask him/her for any free samples that they might have considering that pediatricians typically have samples of diapers and formula etc. Although it wouldn’t be much, you will still be able to save up a little during the first month or so of your baby’s arrival.

3 You don’t ‘need’ to buy everything

It is natural for you, as a new parent, to want to buy every single thing that can set your hands on for your little angel. This desire of giving everything to your child is completely understandable, but is it practical? Not at all! By not giving into this particular desire of yours, it will be easily possible for you to save up a good deal of money. For instance, do you really think you need that exquisite high chair you saw at your favorite baby shop the other day? To begin with, you really don’t need it right away as your baby will not be able to use it for quite a while. Moreover, highchairs are an expensive purchase, so you will just end up wasting money. Instead, cut down on costs by purchasing something else, something more practical and instantly usable. For instance, you could consider purchasing a booster seat – although this option cannot be used immediately as well, it can help save up money as these don’t cost as much!

2 Opt for generic and less expensive brands

Does it really matter what brand or label a baby is wearing? Sure doesn’t! Seriously, your angel is going to be in that onesie for just a couple months, so don’t waste money over branded products. Instead, save up by buying generic and less expensive brands.

1 Stock up on meals – freeze them!

You really can’t expect heading to the kitchen to prepare a meal the minute you come back from the hospital. This means that you will eventually end up ordering food and spend a good deal of money over it. This, however, can easily be avoided. The best way to go about this problem is to pre-make meals and freeze them during the last couple weeks of your pregnancy. This way, when you get back from the hospital, you will just have to warm it up to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal!

Having a baby is definitely one of the most expensive things in life. But there’s good news as you can easily save a fair amount of money all through your pregnancy, and give your newborn an immaculate start to life without having to stress about your budget.

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