Want To Track Your Kegels - There's An App For That!

I know many people who are currently doing the FitBit trend. Its a small bracelet you wear that monitors your steps and health and exerciser. It also vibrates to let you know when you have reached your goal. 

Well this device is very similar to that... but not quite for the same purpose. This device will track your exercises, well the ones you do with your pelvic muscles also called kegels.  Kegels are important after giving birth as they help strengthen and maintain pelvic muscles. This device looks a lot like a toy from the adult store. One part is inserted while the other part rests outside of your body to stabilize the device. The kGoal will measure the force you exert when doing kegels and it will sync to your phone to give you feedback... oh and it will vibrate to let you know if you have reached a goal. 

Would you get this? If you have the FitBit, would you go ahead and get this as well? 

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