Warning! Spray Sunscreen Not Safe?! - Health Officials

Although spray on sunscreen might save your some valuable time when your children are squiggling around to go out and play, health officials say this might not be the safest option. 

The Food and Drug Administration have announced an investigation on spray sunscreen safety back in 2011. Even if they have not given us their findings on the subject, they have now released a warning to all parents to stay away from this product. "We now say that until the FDA completes its analysis, the products should generally not be used by or on children," says Consumer Reports. "We have also removed one sunscreen spray -- Ocean Potion Kids Instant Dry Mist SPF 50 -- from the group of recommended sunscreens in our sunscreen Ratings, because it is marketed especially for children." 

The issue is that some chemicals that could be harmful to kids might be in these sprays. "The question there is what's bad about it? Is it chemicals directly, or is it the fact that the chemicals irritate the lungs, the spray, can it trigger asthma attacks?" pediatrician Dr. Jeffery Simon told news outlet WSFA last month.

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