Washing The Baby: 15 Things New Mums Do That Waste Time

When it comes to bathing that sweet little baby, it is actually simpler than most moms believe. Many new moms waste quite a bit of time when it comes to washing their baby. They do things that the “been there, done that” moms would easily say you do not need to worry about! And they are right!

Washing your baby is a delicate process, and we know that new moms especially, want to make sure they are doing it right, and doing all they can to make it comfortable, fun, and safe for their little bundle of joy. But it does not have to be a complicated process, and believe it or not, there are many things that are just totally unnecessary!

Not all babies enjoy being bathed, which can make the washing experience one that is dreaded and time consuming. But it does not have to be that way. Washing your baby can be an absolute breeze, if you refrain from doing all the extra stuff that is not needed. There are quite a few things that new moms waste their time doing when washing the baby, so read on and check these things off your bathing to do list!

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13 Bathing Baby Everyday

Babies are not getting really dirty. They have spit up under their chin, a diaper area that needs sprucing up, but really that is about it. There is no need to waste your time by washing your baby every single day. Proper clean ups around the spit up areas and diaper areas will do for a few days.

It is not only unnecessary to bathe your baby everyday, but it is actually not very good for them. You probably already know that the skin of an infant is very delicate. Therefore, constant washing can dry out their sensitive skin. There is nothing wrong with going a few days, or even a week, without washing your little one. Most experts recommend no more than two or three days of bathing for little ones.

12 Using Soap

All of that lovely smelling baby soap on the market makes you want to scoop some up and clean your baby with the smell of lavender or honey. However, nothing truly beats the smell that comes natural to a newborn baby! You know what we are talking about. Newborns give off a smell that is so amazing, if we could bottle it up, we’d be millionaires!

Babies actually do not technically need soap. Again, they do not get dirty. They just need some gentle washing with warm water when they are so young. For some little ones, soap only dries out their delicate skin. It may seem strange to not use soap, but it is something to not waste your time with until your baby gets older and dirtier!

11 Filling Up The Big Bathtub

Your baby is so tiny, and that big bathtub looks incredibly daunting. Save yourself the time and do not worry about giving your baby a bath in the main bathtub. A small infant is not going to spend much time playing around in the tub. They only need a quick washing when they are so young. Waiting around for the bathtub to fill only wastes everyone’s time!

Instead, a small baby bathtub, the kitchen sink, or even a sponge bath on a towel on the floor is all your little baby needs. A little bit of water and a quick washing saves lots of time and gets your baby properly clean. And getting to take a snapshot of your little baby taking a bath in the sink is just pure fun!

10 Playing With A Boatload Of Toys

When your baby is so little, you really do not need to make bathtime a big playtime experience. Do not waste your time, and save all those toys and fun for when baby gets just a little bit older.

Bathtime can be a great source of sensory play, but for newborn babies, they really just need a quick washing. An in and out experience is all they need when they are so tiny and delicate. You may already have a ton of bath toys waiting to be sunk into the bath water, and trust us, your day with those toys will come! In fact, if you are lucky enough, your little one will enjoy their bath so much they won’t even want to get out! But, in the meantime, just give them a fast bath and be done with it.

9 Using A Water Thermometer

You likely have heard about all the gimmicky products that are out there for new moms and dads. Some of these products can be lifesavers, while others will not only waste your money, but also waste your time. Including some products that are designed to make bath time easier. Not the case!

A cute water thermometer shaped like a duck or turtle seems like a good idea. Well, you actually do not need it at all. Using one of these adorable thermometers will only waste your time. You have to wait for the thermometer to accurately gauge the temperature in the bath, and while the clock is ticking on that, you could have been done with the bath all together! Our bodies come with a built in thermometer- you only need to use your elbow to determine if the water is too hot, too cold, or just right!

8 Cleaning From Top To Bottom

Unless your newborn baby just participated in a mud run, you do not need to spend a lot of time cleaning him. Babies simply do not get that dirty! If they even get dirty at all! Washing your baby from top to bottom in a timely manner is fine, but taking your time washing each inch of their skin, yeah, you are just wasting your time.

Babies need to be cleaned in two areas- under their chin and in the diaper area. Spit up and pee and poop needs to be cleaned. Those areas can even just be spot cleaned! No need to go crazy washing your baby like you would wash yourself. Quickly hit the trouble spots and you are done. Easy peasy, and you will not be wasting your time!

7 Allowing Baby To Sit In Water For Awhile

We all hear (and know) that bath time can be a stimulating experience for a baby. And it sure can be, just as long as it doesn’t go on for too long. Save your own time and do not just hang out in the bath, and there are actually many reasons why.

First, it is a waste of time for both of you. A baby does not need to just hang out in the bath when they are only a tiny infant. That day will come when they are able to actually play. Secondly, a baby cannot regulate their own temperature. They can get chilly quickly, so an in and out washing experience is all they require. Get them in the bath, get them out, and wrap them up for a snuggle session.

6 Bathing At The Wrong Time 

Newborn babies do not need to be bathed that often, and when they do, make sure you choose the time wisely to not waste any of your precious time. Bath time need not be a chore with a baby. It can go smoothly if you time it right. If you do not time it right, baby will be upset and you will be struggling to finish that bath, making it a huge waste of time.

Ideally, you bath baby when they need it AND when they are ready. If they are hungry, feed them first. If they are sleepy, let them nap first. If they are cranky and just want to be held, you probably want to wait, too. Make bath time enjoyable for both of you, by only washing baby when she is nice and calm!

5 Using Shampoo

Believe it or not, baby does not need the same shower routine as you do! Your baby probably has little to no hair. Do not feel the need to lather up that one strand of hair with shampoo or conditioner- babies do not need that stuff!

Same your time and your wallet by refraining from buying those products that smell nice but are totally not necessary. In fact, newborn babies really only need to be washed with water. Yep, that is it! Do not go crazy thinking you need all these bath supplies, when all it takes is a little bit of water. And, remember, babies do not need anything fragrant anyhow, the best smell in the world comes naturally from a newborn baby!

4 Not Having Your Washing Supplies In One Spot

Before you get baby naked and ready to be washed, make sure everything you need is in one spot and set up and ready to go. By putting all of baby's bathing needs together, you save yourself some valuable time and it will make bath time a much smoother (and safer) experience for the both of you!

Decide where you will be washing baby- whether it is in the kitchen sink, a baby bathtub, or on the floor on a towel. Then, make sure you have a soft washcloth, a way to rinse baby gently, and a towel to wrap baby up when done, and you are ready to go! You certainly do not want to be washing baby only to realize that the towel is in the other room. Be prepared to save your time and sanity!

3 Turning Away Help

As new moms, we can do it all. But that does not mean we should turn away help. Especially when it comes to bathing your newborn baby. Sure, they are tiny, but washing a newborn is not always an easy experience. If you have an extra set of hands to help you out, it will help save your some time and peace of mind.

Babies are awfully slippery when wet. New parents can get nervous, too, handling a delicate baby in the bath. If you have a partner during bathtime, it can be much easier. Someone can hold baby while you quickly wash her, and then they can have the towel ready to wrap her up when all done. It can be a one person job, but it's much quicker and easier with two people!

2 Thinking It Will Be Easy

Your newborn baby is a calm child. She only cries when hungry or sleepy. Therefore, bath time will be a breeze! Hold on right there, do not go into bath time with baby thinking it will be a easy peasy experience! Sure, you might be lucky, but oftentimes, newborn babies are not fans of being washed!

Be prepared for a disastrous bathing experience. If it goes well, you can pat yourself on the back (but be prepared for next time!). If you go in knowing it will not be easy, you can prepare yourself of a crying, squirmy baby. And chances are, your baby will not know what the heck is going on when you start washing her. So save your time and your sanity and be prepared for a crazy bath time!

1 Being Extra Nervous

Newborn babies are delicate, but try to not be too nervous when it comes to bath time. Not only will it waste your precious time being so anxious, but it is not good for your baby to sense those feelings from his mom or dad.

It sure can be nerve wracking to wash a baby, there is no question about that. But if you are prepared and ready, it does not have to be an experience that is negative. Make the time you wash your little one a chance to bond and enjoy this experience together. If you are going crazy with nerves, baby will pick up on that, and that will only make him more upset. Take a deep breath and dive right in with full confidence! You can do it!

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