Washington Couple Adopts Five Kids, Several With Special Needs

A Washington couple has three biological children and then adopts 5 children with special needs.

Rene and Jeramy in Marysville were happily married when they had their first child Alisa. Rene and Jeramy wanted more children and they got pregnant with their second child and they welcomed a little baby boy into the world and they named him John. The couple decided that they wanted one more child. They were able to get pregnant with their third child, a little boy, that they named Ewan.

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Although Rene and Jeramy didn't want to have any more biological kids they didn't feel like their lives were full. They looked into the Foster Care Program. They became foster parents and their first foster child was Vince who they adopted. Vince had a brother and Rene and Jeramy knew that the siblings needed to stay together so they adopted Vince's brother Julian. Just as the couple was finishing up the adoption of Julian they learned from the social worker that the boys' mother was pregnant with another child. That child was going to need a home as well. They knew that when the mother gave birth that they would adopt that baby.

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Before the boys' mother gave birth they came across little Katy. Jeramy said that Katy was a little miracle baby because she had a lot of health issues when she was born. The mother of Vince and Julian gave birth to a little boy named Josh and so they adopted him as well. Rene said that she loved all of her boys but she had secretly been praying for another little girl and that is when they came across a little girl named Adeline. They now have a total of three biological children and then five children who were all adopted. They are still open to another child.

One thing that people may not know is that every single one of the adopted kids has some sort of issue that they are dealing with. "The big ones have autism, intellectual disability, ADHD, anxiety, reactive attachment disorder, um, the list just goes on,” Rene said. “We have feeding issues, kids who are not potty trained... um, we go to counseling five days a week with our kids, or have people in our home to work with them." The couple said that their home is perfect and full of love. All of their children feel loved and accepted. They all know that this their home is a safe place.

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