Watch: 6-Year-Old Adorably Serenades His Baby Sister With Beyonce's 'Brown Skin Girl'

A six-year-old brother sings to his baby sister Brown Skin Girl every single day.

Izaiah Dantzler is literally the cutest older brother ever and he is so in love with his little sister. He is such a great brother. Six-year-old Izaiah, loves to sing to his baby sister and he enjoys singing Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce. Izaiah's little sister is 4-month-old Parker Rose and she just lights up every single time that he sings. Brown Skin Girl is featured on the album “The Lion King: The Gift,” which is also the movie’s soundtrack. When asked why Izaiah likes singing the song so much to his little sister he responded by saying, "because my mom likes singing it."

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Izaiah's mother, Jessica Harris, said that every single morning she wakes up and they just start singing. They begin singing in the morning and they just love to sing. She shared that Brown Skin Girl is one of their favorite songs. Harris said that they had just seen the movie and they fell in love with that song and now they can't stop singing it. Izaiah started singing it to Parker and Parker has just fallen in love with the song and so Izaiah just walks around singing the song to his sister.

Harris shares that both of the kids are just inseparable and he has really fallen in love with his baby sister and can't get enough of her. Harris shares that little Parker is her rainbow baby. She said that she has to sometimes fight her son "Zay" in order to get to Parker. The first thing that he will do in the morning is walk into her room and give her a hug and a kiss and she instantly smiles. Harris has to sometimes push Zay out of the way for some attention from the little girl (she jokes).

The best thing about the song is that little Zay understands the importance of the song. Harris shares that there aren't many songs in the media today that are intended to uplift women, especially women of color. Harris says that Zay understands that this a great song that encourages women of color to stand up and be strong. Harris said, “It’s so important. Because there's not enough media or really anything out there that supports or loves black women or brown-skinned girls the way that they deserve, so just the song for me makes me really happy,” she started. “To me, it’s just the fact that I am a brown-skinned girl and I know that feeling of never getting the love, so to get it in a song is just outstanding.”

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