Watch Baby Dance In Utero To Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back'

A mother-to-be recently found out that her unborn baby boy had a strong reaction to Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" when her partner played it on his phone near her belly.

Good music never dies or so they say. One little baby who is due to be born soon feels a certain way about 90's classic "Baby Got Back." According to Today, expectant mom Danielle Sapienza and her partner, Scott Smith were shocked when their unborn child started "dancing" to the 90's dance hit while in utero but when they looked back at all of the evidence, things actually added up and started to make sense.

Firstly, Sapienza, who is a lifestyle photographer specifically focusing on the funny and touching moments that often happen during pregnancy and motherhood, told "Today" that her unborn son often pushes his little bottom up against her stomach so the song choice that her partner picked seemed to make perfect (and hilarious) sense.

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Secondly, she and Smith have enjoyed listening to 90's hip-hop music since they began dating so they figure that their baby must have developed a taste or a serious rockin' love for 90's jams as you can see for yourself in the Instagram video which has gone viral.

Sapienza has a 10-year-old son named Lochlan. She says that she, Lochlan and Smith enjoy having a lot of fun joking around together as they prepare for their new addition so playing "Baby Got Back" for their much-anticipicated little one seemed like a completely natural and normal move.

"Life is too short to take it seriously," Sapienza told "Today."

If anything, music is good for both mothers and babies during pregnancy. According to says Dr Ashima Kakar, “Scientists have noticed a difference in the personality of babies born to mothers who were stressed during their pregnancy compared with those who had a happy pregnancy. We believe music can definitely help to de-stress the pregnant mother, which in turn affects the baby. A happy mother delivers a happy baby.”


What do you think about this very funny couple from Montauk? Do you think their baby boy was "dancing" out of joy to "Baby Got Back" or reacting out of shock to the loud sound? You be the judge! Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

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