Watch Blue Ivy Nail Her Dance Recital By Performing To Beyoncé’s Song ‘Before I Let Go’

Blue Ivy steals the show at her dance recital by dancing to her mother's song!

Beyonce and Jay-Z's seven-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, just rocked her dance recital. Blue Ivy is part of a dance group at Debbie Allen Dance Academy. She has proven that the apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree. Little Blue Ivy showed that she inherited her mother's dance moves when she danced with her group to her mom's song.

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Blue Ivy danced to Beyonce's Before I Let Go song and she completely nailed all of the moves. She totally stole the stage with her natural stage presence and her impressive dance moves. The video, that originally was seen on TMZ, showed the little girl front and center and all eyes were on her. She was shown wearing a white top, sparkly shorts, and black tennis shoes. Blue Ivy showed off all of the new moves that she had learned and then she ended the routine with an amazing split.

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It definitely didn't shock any of us that she nailed the song. Her parents are very iconic and talented. Blue Ivy knows that all eyes are on her and that she needs to do a lot if she wants to fill her parent's footsteps. Hopefully, she can make her own name and that she will be able to do whatever she would like to do with her life. It seems that she really does like singing and dancing. Blue Ivy was just featured on her mother's latest album called Homecoming.  Beyonce had her daughter help her out singing  Lift Every Voice & Sing.

We are excited to watch what Blue Ivy will accomplish in her life. It will not shock us in the slightest if little Blue finds herself in the entertainment industry someday just like her parents. She certainly has the passion and the talent to make it big if that is what she chooses to do! Good job Blue Ivy at your dance recital! You did amazing and we loved watching you steal the show. We bet your mom and dad are so very proud of you and how talented you are!

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