WATCH: Florida Deputy Delivers Baby After Pulling Over Speeding Car

Last week, a dashcam video posted on social media showed a Florida police officer delivering a baby after pulling a car over for speeding. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office posted the clip on its Facebook page, writing, “We still can't believe this dashcam video from yesterday morning, when Deputy Robert Pounds helped deliver a baby during a traffic stop.”

In the four-minute video, the deputy “narrates the details of the call and talks about having to spring into action to help deliver a healthy baby girl,” the post said. The delivery, which took place at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, occurred after Pounds saw a car doing 63 mph in a 45mph zone in Naples. After pulling the car over, the deputy realized that the couple was speeding because the woman was in labor.

In the video, after the deputy approaches the car, the man in the driver’s seat, Wilfrid Jean-Louis, can be heard saying, “There’s a baby coming out, look, look, look, the baby is coming out. That’s the reason why I am speeding, officer.” Seeing that the baby’s head was crowning, Pounds quickly called an ambulance and went to his patrol car to retrieve gloves and a “sterile blanket.” Shortly after, the cry of a newborn can be heard as Pounds says, "Congratulations you got a little girl.”

The deputy checked that the baby girl was breathing properly and waited for EMS to arrive and cut the cord. Afterward, the mother and baby were then taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

In the video, Pounds, a father of three himself, said the baby squeezed his finger with “a nice, firm grip,” adding that both the mother, 35-year-old Fabienne Gorges, and the baby girl both appeared to be doing fine. “Mom handled it really well,” Pounds said. “This was definitely not your typical traffic stop. In my 26 years as a law enforcement officer, I never encountered a traffic stop where someone was giving birth.”

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“It was exciting. It was a bit nerve-racking, but I was happy to be the one to help these people have their child and I’m glad everything turned out OK,” he added. Needless to say, the couple did not receive a ticket for speeding. The new parents, who expressed their gratitude for the deputy’s help, honored him by naming their daughter Leila Robert Jean-Louis.

“It was only right. It was only fair,” the proud father said. “He was there, and he did what I wasn’t able to do.”

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