10 Ways Amy Schumer Has Inspired Moms

Amy Schumer is truly someone who really doesn’t care what other people think of her or have to say about her. Which for some of her critics comes off as strange, mostly because she doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would be stuck up in her own world. Instead, she’s someone who reaches out to the world. Before and after she welcomed her baby boy Gene into this world, she’s been someone who has inspired girls, teens, women, moms and basically every other human being on this planet.

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One of the reasons why people love so Amy so much is because she tells it like it is. Here are 10 ways she’s inspired us in the last year.

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10 It’s All About Body Positivity

For years now a lot of celebrity moms wanted their fans and followers to believe that they “bounced back” from their pregnancies within weeks to their pre-baby selves. But with Amy, that’s just not her cup of tea. She’s all about body positivity, loving the curves that you were born with and making the most out of your body. After all, it did just do a powerful thing by giving birth to a new human being, right? Rather than critique it or put it on display, Amy likes to celebrate it. That’s why she’s taking it one step at a time when it comes to her health.

9 The Un-Glamorous Mom Life

Amy Schumer is perhaps the one mother out there who has been brave enough to show the “real” side of motherhood. While a lot of people love to show their picture-perfect life on social media, Amy is not into that at all. Instead, she wants people to know that she’s just as tired as everyone else. She hasn’t slept in weeks, doesn’t put her make up on and yes, sometimes even wears the same clothes day after day. Honestly, who hasn’t done that before, right? Amy wants everyone to know that while she might be a Hollywood actress, she’s really no different than the other moms out there.

8 Her Honesty And Struggles

A lot of celebrity moms want you to think that their pregnancies were easy breezy, lemon squeezy. But not Amy Schumer. For her it was hell and she doesn’t mind telling you what a degree of hell it was for her, too. She’s been very honest about her not-so-easy pregnancy throughout her nine months with baby Gene growing inside her and the weeks that followed.

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“My pregnancy was so bad that my C-section almost felt like a breeze and I felt fine after,” the new mom told People Magazine. “Now I feel like I can do anything. I was gutted, literally.”

7 She Wasn’t Prepared

When it comes to motherhood, comedian and actress Amy Schumer doesn’t have all of the answers and she doesn’t pretend that she has the answers, either. In fact, she admits that she was learning the ropes before, during, and after she gave birth to Gene in May. “Nothing can prepare you for childbirth and what comes after,” she said, via People in an interview shortly after Gene’s birth. “I’m grateful for women like Chelsea Hirschhorn, the Founder and CEO of Fridababy and Frida Mom, who is creating affordable tools to help postpartum women feel like humans while trying to raise humans.”

6 Gene Is Her Life Now

Even though she really hasn’t talked about it much in the past, Amy Schumer now admits that her life is her family, which includes her husband Chris Fischer and their adorable baby boy, who she loves sharing photos of on social media. Life couldn’t be any better for Amy, and she’s not shy about sharing her joy, either. “I’m so into my baby and I’m coming out of this [experience] with so much. I want to advocate for the mothers. Whatever you have to do to survive, just do it,” she also told People. “The way that women reached out to me … women really want to help you and hold your hand through the experience.”

5 She Takes Responsibility For Herself

A lot of people in Amy Schumer’s position like to have either an entourage or squad of people who do all of the heavy work for them. But not Amy. She takes responsibility for her life and her own actions. And when it comes to parenthood, she wants to be the hands-on mom that is always there for her son, regardless of what she’s doing.

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She doesn’t want to depend on anyone else, except for maybe her husband and her family. To put it simply, she doesn’t need four nannies in her house. “Don’t push your s— on other people,” Schumer quipped to People.

4 It’s All About Self-Confidence

Let’s face it: Amy Schumer is the kind of person who has gotten a lot of criticism, for both her career as a comedian and an actress and as an individual. A lot of people would either crumble or shrivel up with that kind of stress, but not Amy. She just rolls with the punches or simply ignores the hate. “Then there’s internet rumors and just the hate out there,” Amy told The Independent earlier this year in an interview. “They hear my name and think whatever, you know. So, it’s kind of fun to go in with the deck stacked against you.”

3 She’s Changed Her Ways

Now that Amy Schumer is a celebrity mom, she wants to make it clear that she’s not the same person that she was before. She’s changed, but professionally and personally. She’s also tweaked some of her content and plans on being a little more picky when it comes to her Hollywood offers. That’s because she wants to be more transparent. “I think people may have been laughing for the wrong reasons,” she told The Independent. “I played a Republican fool, kind of racist, homophobic, everything. Once I started being myself onstage, some felt I lied to them. They felt duped.”

2 She Will Never Back Down

A lot of mothers out there will tell you – whether they are single or in a partnership – that parenthood is no walk in the park. You end up seeing it all: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. And while a lot of people just want to throw the towel at the end of the day, Amy’s the kind of person who will remind you not to give up.

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Or better yet, not to listen to any of the fools out there who try to minimize your self worth. “As someone who has been told a million times they are fat and ugly, it does not matter!” she says, via The Independent.

1 Feeling Both Pleased And Peaceful

Truth be told, motherhood might not be for everyone. Heck, some women out there think it will never happen for them, or at least until the time is right for them. Now that Amy is a mom, she’s going through all of the same rollercoaster of emotions that other first-time mothers experience. The great thing is that she admits she loves it and is in for the ride. And why wouldn’t she? Baby Gene is precious! “I’m ecstatic and furious,” she told the Independent while she was still pregnant. “And pleased and peaceful and manic and hopeless and so hopeful it’s crazy."

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