10 Ways Babywearing Will Save Your Life

Finding out you are pregnant can be incredibly scary, extremely exciting, and a little bit of both! However, once you start looking at all of the baby gear that you "need" it's easy to become completely overwhelmed.

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Everyone has different opinions when it comes to what is the most necessary baby gear. There is one thing that has  been proven to be the number one item time and time again, around the world, spanning hundreds of years: a baby carrier. A baby carrier can be simple pieces of woven cloth... or extravagant contraptions with buckles and velcro and snaps. Here are 10 ways that babywearing can save your life.

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10 It Helps With A Colicky Baby

If you have a colicky baby who won't allow you to put them down for even one second of the day, which means you can't put on a load of laundry or open the twentieth box of diapers that week, a baby carrier can save you. Strap that fussy baby to your chest and free up those hands!

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Your smell and the sound of your heartbeat will help calm your baby down, and your movement mimics their first home, the womb. Hopefully that baby will be asleep in no time, and you can cross some things off your to-do list. Or you can get really brave and transfer them to their nap spot in the hopes that you can rest, too!

9 City Dwellers Will Love It

Raising kids in the city has many benefits, but it also comes with its share of downsides, like trying to navigate public transit with a giant stroller. Getting around your downtown core can be infinitely easier if you just wrap your baby onto your torso and head out the door.

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Babywearing makes it easier to get on and off public transit and also get in and out of small spaces. It also frees up your hands so you can swipe transit passes, carry coffee, go shopping, and do anything else that you want to accomplish that day! However, there is one downside: there's no stroller basket to put your bags in, so you'll definitely have to weigh the pros and cons of that.

8 It Helps You Travel Better

Just like families who live in the city, families who travel a lot find it tough to get around with a stroller. For example, getting through the airport with all of your luggage and getting through security with your documents will be much easier if all adults have two hands free.

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Doing touristy things will also be easier if you start babywearing. You can wander around busy museums, hike through national parks, and take bus tours. These sight-seeing activities are all tricky with a big stroller.

7 Outdoorsy Families Will Appreciate It

If your family likes to spend a lot of time outside, whether you’re travelling or just in your own backyard, babywearing will also make your life much easier. Most campsites don’t have friendly terrain for strollers, and you definitely can’t wade into the local river pushing one, either.

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In fact, most outdoor activities you like to do with your family and friends will be easier with a baby carrier, it’s just a matter of making sure everyone stays safe!

6 Babywearing Is Good For Sick Babies

Sick babies want to be held, all the time, even into toddlerhood, and it can be tricky in terms of logistics, or just totally exhausting for you if you’re holding them night and day.

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Navigating life with a chronically ill child, on the other hand, can be even more difficult and babywearing can be even more beneficial. If you’re spending lots of time in and out of doctors offices, into hospitals, waiting at pharmacies, and then also comforting a baby who isn’t feeling well, a baby carrier might just be the perfect solution.

5 If You Have Two Kids Under 2 Years Old

Do you have two babies under two years old? Mama, we salute you! There are a lot of reasons why babywearing is great for the babies being worn, but it can also have huge benefits for the older siblings, too. Chasing a toddler around the house, or running through the backyard with a preschooler, will be much easier with your little one strapped to your chest. Not to mention making meals, getting chores done, and running errands will also be a lot simpler.

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You can also encourage them to get on the same napping schedule by wearing the baby during the older child’s nap time, if they won’t yet fall asleep on their own. Wins all around!

4 Grocery Shopping Will Be Easier

Have you ever tried to grocery shop with a toddler in the seat of the cart, and a baby car seat in the main part of the cart? There’s no where to put your food! Likewise, have you tried to push a shopping cart and a baby stroller at once? Also doesn’t work. Babywearing to the rescue!

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Even something as simple as crossing the parking lot will be easier, baby in the carrier, toddler holding your hand, purse in the other hand. Super mom!

3 Babywearing Is Budget Friendly

In some parts of the world, babywearing is the only option due to the options available to caregivers. In some familie,s babywearing is a perfect option because baby carriers can be much cheaper than a stroller. Many mamas are happy to pass along stretchy wraps or older style buckle carriers for free or a few dollars, whereas an infant car seat and stroller, even second hand could cost you at least $100.

There certainly area expensive baby carriers on the market with more bells and whistles than you may need, but if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, you can definitely find that too!

2 You Can Join A Babywearing Group

Over the last few years babywearing has become increasingly popular, and now most cities or regions have their own babywearing groups. If you’re a first time mom or have just moved somewhere new, going to a babywearing meetup could land you a handful of new mom friends to spend time with!

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Having support, especially in the early days of motherhood, is so important for your mental health and just getting out to that meeting could make a world of a difference for you.

1 You Can Bond With Your Baby

The number one reason babywearing can save your life is because it helps create such a strong bond between you and your baby. This process can be especially important if you are an adoptive parent, or a grandparent or other caregiver, and haven’t yet shared that intimate bond with your baby.

Most babies feel completely relaxed in a baby carrier (once they get used to the feeling of foreign fabric, or the ergonomic position they need to be in). They will feel relaxed and connected to you and safe and happy in their family environment. Isn't that the best gift that a baby can receive?

If you need help finding the right baby carrier for you, or making your current carrier fit more comfortably, reach out to a local babywearing group or baby boutique and ask if they can recommend a babywearing educator. They will get you all sorted out and carrying your baby close for all the incredible benefits mentioend above.

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